Friday, August 03, 2007


You've heard and seen it here first. The new collection to mark the 1st Ever Anniversary of florspace! There will be balloons, bubbly and loads of fun! Yaaay!

You people are the ones who made it happen for us! To thank all of you guys, the Mini Zippereds in the Petites section will be at only $5 each! If you've been thinking of grabbing a florspace MiniZ, now's never better! Old favourites, yummy summer colors & spanking new designs all for one low price! Grab a whole bunch, save on shipping and make sure you're never lack of stocking stuffers at the end of the year! Really, it pays to shop early. ;+)

When's this gonna be? On the 8th of August, for a whole month!
(Couple more days, people. Save your Moolah!)

1 comment:

ismoyo said...

Ooh Pretty!
How can you not love mini pouches layed out in a flower shape?

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