Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crazy week, vintage find, blog mentions + new wristlets

Jez louise! Is time running like the water at my tap these days or is it just me?! I'm not kidding, life has been very brisk for me these days! Tons of mail to send, tons of purses to make, tons of email to answer and school to go. But I do really enjoy what I'm doing (even the lecturers are better than the acca ones imo, no judgment!) so I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but this is like I've never lived before! At least I now know I'm gonna die happy.
Look at the bag of packages there! I've been going to the PO with 2 bags full each time (Baa Baa yellow sheep? heh heh). The nice PO lady has been putting up with me! Oh and she even ordered a purse from me yesterday!
I'm glad I have dad to take me there and back recently. He's been really nice when I request for transport. Taking public transport with these packages laden bags invite loads of curious stares, not to mention I look like a bag lady. I'm not a fan of stares & unfortunately, its like that here. I was happier in Sydney when people left you alone, even when I was wearing a girl's dress (Lolita syndrome, courtesy of Japan's EGL wave!). I'm still a big fan of those uber adorable lolita dresses (Baby SSB esp!) but I think I had one too many Reece's so I can't fit into them right now, not to mention I look ridiculous among the tees & berms clad Singaporeans becoz they're gonna stare & its freakin hot. Sigh.

Oh, and I threw my neck out. I think it was my sleeping position but its been bad since Friday. I can't move my neck much and it hurts quite a bit. I hope it goes away soon. The weather has been unforgiving too. :+( I heard the summer's been horrible to people in Europe and the torrential rains around the world. Take care and drink loads of liquids, friends. Oh and your pets too! And, take care of the earth. Seems like the theory of Day After Tomorrow's true? I hope its not too late to save the earth. This young and very pompous girl I came across while grocery shopping this evening exclaimed loudly that its "a waste of money buying groceries on Wednesday" coz its the day when we have to pay for plastic bags. Isn't that appalling? I always bring my own bags when grocery shopping, all shopping actually. I've been refusing plastic bags. Let's all try to do that? (Yeah, I'm a tree hugger. *shrug*)

I couldn't resist taking a pic! Its a super cute package going out to a big fan of my purses. I'm not gonna say who coz it'll spoil the surprise! Hope she likes... I miss wrapping things like that. Don't get me wrong, all your packages are painstakingly wrapped and noted, not to mention they take up loads of time to! I guess I just miss making the bigger totes & sets and really wrapping them up nicely. People who are waiting for my larger bags & wallets, please be a tiny bit more patient with me! They are coming, I promise. But since we're not a faceless company-type-factory, its takes more time to insert love and care in the creations. I don't create shabby things for money because I want you guys to really use the stuff I make! They're better in action. ;+) So just a bit longer! a bit a bit a bit........loooooooonger........ *sweat*

An awaited package from Melissa Michael came today! I made her a bag for the bag swap on flickr so she sent me these 2 clutches. I wanted something classy to bring out at night. I love these, perfect for my 101 black dresses I own. She wants me to alter it a bit so when I get to do that, I'll take a pic again. :+) Thanks Melissa! I love the cute flower fabric inside! And the Reece's! You really spoil me! And I'm gonna frame the cupcake card. Its got such cute sentiments! "Heaven is a cupcake with vanilla icing." YUM...

I think most people know by now, I'm a big fan of vintage! I've been looking for these red Kromex canisters forever. I finally found them recently and they're enroute to me! I'm not gonna say when or how or where I got them coz then you'll get to things before I do! :P Yeah, I'm bad. Anyways, a kitchen's not a kitchen without pretty canisters. It'll be an early b'day pressie for myself! Still a pity I couldn't find the whole set. These are the 2 smaller ones only. Oh well.

Mentioned in HandmadeCrafts!

Mentioned by J! I love the picture! It means so much to me that my MiniZ is pictured in action being useful! (instead of lazing around. heh heh)

2 new wristlet pouches! They are slightly bit different from each other but both fabulous. I scored some really cute clips so I decided to use them here. Japanese quilt cotton fabrics with Japanese zakka-style linen. I think I'm too affected by the Japanese magazines. LOL

Go look!

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brittany said...

love the canisters! How adorable! Your new wristlets are way cute too :)

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