Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crap, I shouldn't even be awake. I have classes in the morning and I'm known to get really upset without enough sleep, i.e. 10 hours. Yeah, DH thinks I sleep too much so I remain cute & childlike. Don't people get it? I hate being called cute. LOL

New tags. I ordered them a while ago in a huge batch so promise you people buy more of my stuff k? hehe They are woven, loads more professional and lovely to look at too! And, I did set up but its not up yet. Most of my stuff are still on etsy. I need help with building a website. Anyone wanna do it for a penny? I know, I know, I prolly should DIY. But with school and making stuff, I can hardly find time to breathe. And etsy's been giving weird problems lately. I'm taking hours to do listings coz it keeps gettin stuck. Jez, we're paying fees, dude!

I'm hitting the hay, right now, before I turn nasty. LOL

Press notes - Debbie has done a bit of advertisement for me! Thanks so much dear! ^___~


keymistress said...

I can help you with your website if you want. :)

ladidadom said...


I'm inspired by you! where do u advise to get the woven labels?


Gigibird said...

Labels look great:)
If you don't mind me asking where did you get them from? I have been on the prowl for woven labels for ever.

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