Friday, August 17, 2007

Crazy week, creations, Simpsons movie

Jez~! Its been one very crazy week! My shop had such a boom and tons of people keep telling me my stuff are great! I think I'm one great comment away from being stuck to the ceiling! LOL No, I'm kidding...I'm sincerely glad people find my stuff cute, functional and durable. I do pride myself with good materials & construction, so HUGE thanks everyone! I'd hug you if it ain't virtual. LOL... The stars are for you guys, because you made it happen for florspace. ;+)

Ahh.....the quinessential patchy tote, with some of the favourite florspace fabrics rolled into one. Its been around for a while now but I wanted a good opportunity to list it and then, well, my tired ass dragged all over town to get supplies & post stuff, I had no time, literally. School's been driving me nuts (already!) and I really want to make up more MiniZs for the early Christmas shoppers, and at a great price, no less! ps, I had to sit around for an hour to leave 130 feedbacks just now. I think my neck is out. :P Oh wait, I was talking about the tote you see listing it in a bit. Not too expensive coz its made up of scraps & salvage fabrics, all in the name of Saving GAIA. ^___^

Oh yes, my elephants came, all the way from Nova Scotia where they were born, under the skilled hands of Hazel! I'm so in love with them....really. They live on my bed now, 500 thread count egyption cotton sheets. Should be happy! Actually I can't sleep on less coz my skin is super sensitive, couple with the Sensory disorder thingy, its the only thing I can sleep on. Anyways, if you haven't checked out Hazel's shop, you should already! I have here on my awesome people list, so go now. She's got very adorable little animals for sale too! YUM!

Mamegoma drawstring bag. I made this in haste, don't ask why. I think I was stressed or something. Then I got idiotic and forgot the label. LOL So now, I've gotta figure out a way to put one on or use it myself. I can't decide yet.

Another super cute zakka bag I haven't listed yet. Very adorable fabric from Japan and yup, Japanese linen, stamped with a shroooom! Soon, I promise.

A pen case I was supposed to make for someone but she didn't want it in the end. Any takers? The fabric was lying around and I thought I'll finish it anyways. Its bigger in size, about 8 inches in length. I can't list it on etsy coz its Sanrio fabric. Mail me if you want it. :+) Just $18.

To destress, I watched Simpsons Movie yesterday. I know I prolly should've been one of the earliest to rush to the theatre but I like watching movies when there's no one around so I usually wait a couple of weeks before I go. And like magic, the theatre was empty yesterday. I was alone and for a while I felt kinda eerie. Its the Chinese halloween month afterall. LOL I'm not superstitious but you know, these things get to you. Anyways, the movie was hilarious but I do agree with the critics that its not fantastic. Did we have too high expectations? I'm not sure, but maybe a decade of 30 mins comedy has kinda sunk in that it becomes kinda stale when its a prolonged version. That said, I would still grab a copy of the dvd when it comes out because its great and made by a whole bunch of awesome people!

p/s: that shot above was taken when I was at the bus-stop waiting for the bus home. Looks like the giganic ferries wheel is almost ready... "Singapore eye" anyone?

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!
I'm off to mail 2 large bags of stuff.

"Spider pig, spider pig, do whatever spider says..."


Glamourosa83 said...

I love your blog, kisses

Drewzel said...

Spider pig, spider pig... hehhehe love that! We've been singing spider pig constantly since seeing the film.

Problem with Mamegoma bag? sell it to me!!!

Another thing I do when I've forgotten to label is use the double sided applique interfacing and iron 'em on! :)
xxx steph

hp said...

Hey ppl. I enjoyed the Simpsons movie too. I just wanted to know the song that simpson dreams of when he meets the pig for first time.kindly lemme know, it wud be gr8.thanks

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