Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brrrrrrringggg! Early pressies for moi

Sunset on Sunday. I meant to blog earlier coz I had to tell you guys about my sunday but hell, reality always takes over. Work, work, work. Anyways, I had a nice Sunday shopping and receiving early b'day pressies! Wow!

Sungei Road market. I was dying to look for a rotary phone, since time immemorial so I thought I might try my luck there. There were 2 rotary ones but the condition was pretty bad. They were rusted and really icky. Dad found a watch there and he also got me a replica of a Panerai Marina, which I really wanted but can't afford. :P Then the cover came out 2 days later when I wore it to school. I took it off immediately to refrain from any more embarassments. I'm usually not a replica person but a watch is a watch is a watch. And yes, I'm not picky about my watches either. I'm proud of my antique face, traditional silver strap casio.

More market shots. This is basically a place for picking up really cheap stuff. Its really hot out in the open so we had to make a brisk trip. In fact, I think my present flu-symptons has something to do with this trip. It was fun nonetheless. :+)

Ahh.....my early b'day pressie from mum & dad. Where did I finally find this, you ask? It was at some old department store. They only had blue and green. I made my choice. Its a new phone, made in Japan, no less! Its mine, finally I have a phone in my room and its a new retro vintage rotary. Yaaaaay! Makes a great loud ringing sound too!

Then I grabbed this pair of rubber slippers for my Saturday morning swims. But they were so cute and comfy, I've been wearing them everywhere. I'm bringing them to the sydney beaches next year when I visit DH. Bye bye Havaianas! Ok, I was kidding. I'd always love Havaianas.

I found these Yo-Yo makers from Clover in AMK while having dinner. Who said the burbs didn't have good stuff? Look closer, people! I think I've been affected by Wendy's need to make Yoyos. I haven't used them yet, but hope to soon!

A really really yummy Korean pizza snack I got from the Korean Grocer's among a whole bunch of supplies. I think I bought it because of the box, and maybe because I was hungry. I like how they point out the different ingredients on the cute pizza itself. Isn't it fetching? Low calories & yummy!

My new patent flats. I don't buy shoes often but my mum insisted on these coz she was buying the same pair in white. They look kinda nice with the perforations. In reality I live in my white birkenstocks. Maybe thats why reality sucks? The weather here takes away all my motivation to look nice. I'm a different person in Sydney. Really. I get stopped in the streets by people who want to know where I got my top, bottoms, shoes etc. Nothing happens here. LOL

People were asking for large deco tape rolls. These were what I can get my arms on. $5.

Tune in next time for more pointless stories!

p/s: My canisters came today and they really made me smile ear-to-ear!

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marsha said...

Hey Lyn,

Those pics of Sungei Rd sure brought back memories! I'm loving your rotary phone (so retro!!!) and your large deco rolls!!! Way waaaaaay cool!

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