Thursday, August 23, 2007

Awesome re-make people

My neck is still bad and I'm having weird mouth sores and has been dependant on lip balm for a week. I'm not sure why and I'm not trusting GPs so I'm hoping it'll go away soon. And ps, I don't have HIV & family. *sticks tongue out* There's also a flu bug going round the world apparently. DH is sick too. Take care people, its certainly a bad time. I'm super stressed from dealing with people in school too. Don't ask. Time to mention some great people!

Anyways, I've been wanting to mention this super talent for a while. I happened to find this shop when I was browsing thru the awesome re-craft blog. I'm a tree hugger, but you all prolly know that already and I'm currently in awe of people who can re-make successfully. Can you believe this bag was made from recycled materials? God, it looks like a piece of art by itself! I'm dying to buy it but my etsy bill is $200 and my credit card is one bill away from being snapped in half so please, don't buy it. Baby, I'll grab you soon! Wait for me! ... Anyways, do check out Garbagebag, great great stuff! Designer's from Helsinki, one of my fav cities with great design ideas! Nice, clean lines, strong, yet understated, overall super chic. I'm also so in love with the new messenger at the shop. Talk about super clever use of used denim! I've never seen such a great version so whoever's it reserved for, you lucky thing! Go look!

Yaaaay! One more of my favs! Magiscforestcreations says, ''my clay is recycled from the earth. that's why i love pottery. it can be so simple, use nothing man made or harmful, and still be incredibly useful''. With these great words, comes the great wares made from the earth! What could be better having your morning cereal in a bowl made with love and a clunk of the earth? Gorgeous blues and some really great colors in her shop! People in US, you have no excuses. Shipping is a bitch when its international. I'm still saving up for a set of nesting bowls. et tu?

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Dani said...


That is such a cool bag! Hope you get it! And I am happy to find the re-craft blog too!

Hope you feel better soon!
Dani (bellajean)

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