Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yaaaay! Anniversary SALE is on! ;+)

Yeap, I've finally edited the etsy listings to $5 so you can all go and grab some cute+functional goodness! Perfect for organizing your bag and for gift-giving too! I can't think of more reasons to justify this splurge! LOL (etsy's been working up a bit so hopefully it'll be fine for you guys when you purchase! Otherwise, give me a shoutout and we'll do manual. :)

K, enough shamless advertising & on to a bit of updates... Its been a stressful week with classes back to back and weird people to deal with. I've been planting my own existence in cyberspace since I came back from Sydney coz its been too difficult and painful to deal with the real world here. I heard this American guy in Hong Kong say, "I won't live here even if you paid me a million dollars". I feel the same way about Singapore. I know, I know, its safe, secure, blah blah blah but its just not me. I plan to escape once my 2nd degree ends. CPA Australia promised they'll help with jobs and migration. Better not flake out on me!

Good stress relief? CRAFTING! I've been sneaking to sew things coz the real life was too exasperating. Last Sunday I was feeling particularly crummy while I was flipping thru Summer's edition of Cotton Time and I came across a teapot at the back pages and I really wanted it! I thought, hell, I can make one. And so I did. I stood at the kitchen counter, between the sewing machines and cloth cutting, it took me 7 hours to create this teapot (reminds me of the hours I took to make a real teapot at pottery classes years ago!). I couldn't leave it undone! Its not filled inside, coz its kinda like a storage canister which makes it all the more challenging to make. No exposed seams and funny stuff! *phew!* I guess it looks decent for a 1st try. ;+) Cute green dot fleece inside. I'm not sure what to put inside yet, but the thing is I got my teapot. LOL Yaaaay! Satisfaction! (French mug was a present from a friend

The limey green inside. I wanted a puffy top like the one in the mag but somehow it turned up puffy inside instead. D'oh! Better luck next time!

Oh and I collected this package from the PO today. It was a big box from DH, from his trip to Japan for some asia pacific rim convention stuff at a university. I sat right at the back & tore up the box on the bus home. Who can wait?! And out pop all this great bunch of fabrics! He actually took the trouble to buy fabrics for me! I know he doesn't have a clue about fabrics but look at this bunch he got!! My collection is officially ridiculous! LOL Hugs to DH. ;+) They smell sooooooo good! :P

Oh and he said I needed a An Pan Man stress ball and a monkey mug. (??)

Ok, go shop now. ;+)


Hazel said...

Love the Teapot! It is so cute and certainly well worth the 7 hours of labour you put into making it :)
Lucky you getting such a nice parcel in the post from DH, looks like a lovely selection of fabric to add to your growing collection. (I totally understand).
Good luck with your studies and future travelling plans to Australia.

Familie said...

Ooh, pretty teapot! You have one wonderful hubby who knows what you like :) Maybe I should send my boyfriend out to shop for yarn sometime.. he's quite knowledgeable because of my babbling about it all the time ;)

And, did you check this site: She bought some mini zippereds from you and like, a billion people read her blog o__O Speaking of(good) exposure! XD

wendy1257 said...

I love my Florspace bags! I gave your mini zippered bags a plug in my blog ( hope it sends some new business your way!

Kari said...

Great tea pot! It looks like it could fit a thermos inside.

Hehe, that's such a wonderful thing for DH to do. =D

marsha said...

Congrats sweety! Loved reading this post! Every little bit all the way to the lovely surprise stash of fabrics! And Japanese fabrics at LURVEly!!!!!!!! :)

mushroommeadows said... have a REALLY amazing husband!!!

Juliet said...

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