Sunday, September 02, 2007

More pressies! + Weekend....finally

Had dinner with my posses on Friday. We had a great time chatting away into the night. Can't believe its been a month already! Where does the time go, really? Yeah, I've also survived a month's worth of school by now. While looking at the units to be done, I'm actually having a good time this sem. The next one seems like hell - Biz Stats & Law?! Pray Mar 08 never comes. LOL My group people wanted a part of the project done by Friday so I had to stay up Thursday night to finish it. Its been a while since I'm up all night so I was really cranky the next day. I downed thick coffee all day to keep alive, since I was supposed to keep the dinner date that night too. I managed to get through it. *phew!* The project's tough, marketing, something I haven't really dabbled in before. I've always been more in the accounting and finance part of commerce. Marketing's killing me. Tsk.

Dinner at Ichiban Boshi at the Esplanade was fab. It was worth navigating through the impossible crowd at City Hall subway station & the City Link Mall. To my foreign friends, don't visit the city shopping areas Friday night, its pure hell. I was hardly walking. In fact, it kinda felt like India. No offence to anyone. Anyways, we had thickly sliced sashimi + sushi with the sunset behind. Its been a while since I've been to a good dinner place. I haven't bothered with aesthetics when I'm here coz the environment is so crummy, why bother? LOL It was all sunsets and dinnerwares in Sydney though.... I miss having coffee after dinner by the Darling Harbour. I guess I started really missing Sydney coz we headed to Max Brenner's after dinner. The Venezuela liquid choco was crazy thick but soooooooooo good. I needed that.

Yaaaay! More early pressies! Annie surprised us with gifts! Angela got her's late though. Awww....thanks for the great stuff! Those stationery are going to be so much help. I'm a klutz when it comes to organizing sometimes. It usually gets too organized & I eventually can't find my stuff or waaaaay messy, like my room right now. I've given up, mostly, coz I find it super tough to keep to a system, or at least a really rigid one. To think that I'm a virgoan! Jez, I'm a disgrace!

That box you see in the right corner is actually this! It popped out and it was squishy squishy! I'm not a fan of disney but this cube is super fun to squeeze! LOL It took me a while to realise the hole in the middle, its for my mobile phone. :P Anyways, it sits on my bed now coz I like to call DH in the middle of the night, not a la JD Salinger (Franny & Zoey, "I love you, I love you!" :P) but when I have a nightmare and I'm all alone in the room. It sounds stupid but I hate sleeping alone coz its kinda freaky. Blame all my friends who made me watch scary movies when I was younger. The spookyness spooked me, for life, dudes!

The cute blue flowers Annie used for the wrapping ended up as deco in my mushroom pot! It fits great and doesn't it add a little something extra? :+) ps, I'm in a Mushie swap!

Saturday. Busy Busy Busy! More wallets, more MiniZs on the way.... The whole morning and afternoon was cutting and cutting up fabrics for more purses! Sanrio ones was a good portion and some others! Including new and super cute ones too! Lookout people!
Yikes, I got yelled at by someone who said if I didn't stop creating cute stuff, she'll go broke! LOL Mum helped a great deal with the sewing in the evening. I think I won't get to make more stuff if I didn't have her help! She's awesome at sewing, more so than me so never worry about quality. ;+) More wallets coming, super soon! Check out the dragon fruit there! Mum bought them from Tampines and they are really juicy and yummy especially when they are cold! They are truly a bunch of weird looking but delicious fruit!

The new Ikea catalogue came. *gasp* I'm a great fan and I practically live on the scent of the new Ikea catalogues. I spent a ridiculous amount of time going through the year's catalogue throughout the year. Its literally my bible. I'm spending my weekend with this. DND!

I know, I know. Loads of mushie fans out there. I created this a couple of days back when I needed to make something. This super cute hippie retro fabric makes my heart race. LOL Flowers, strawberries, clovers, mushrooms. How can you ever say no?

Up on etsy. ;+) And its a one-of-a-kind.

p/s: Paypal's been naughty, again. They removed the "print packing slip" link for the transactions and its driving me nuts. Recent orders from Friday haven't been mailed yet. I've emailed them but nothing changed yet. I'm calling them Monday if the link isn't back yet. I need that to mail stuff to you guys! tsk.


brittany said...

bwahaha I am in the mushrooms swap too! I am tres excited but waiting to buy some stuff until I know if my partner likes retro mushrooms or kawaii style. or both. moo.

Hazel said...

Hi Lyn,
Glad to hear that school is going well for you this semester. The strawberry/mushroom fabric is cute! I am so envious of the Ikea catalogue, there is no Ikea nearby and I miss my twice a year trips for some retail therapy when we lived in the UK.
My home computer has a nasty virus so I am borrowing Craig's laptop from the office to catch up.

marsha said...

Ok, can i just say something?
You. Are. Turning. Me. Into. A. Mushroom. Freak. TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And way to go! You made it through a whole month! Good luck for the rest of the journey!!!

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