Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crabby & Lumpy

I wanted to eat this just now but realised I haven't taken a pic of it coz it came in a bag from my good friend, Angela. She included a really cute mushie strap. Way to add to my country!

Anyways, here they are. I've been feeling really crabby lately. Screaming at everyone and everything in sight. I thought it was the heat, then I realised its PMS time. LOL Not to be disgusting or anything, but I have irregular flow. So it doesn't really come to town often. Its not a bad thing coz I have one less problem. Only thing is, it gets me worse when it comes. I can handle the pain, but not the crabbyness and lumpyness. Yeah, I created that word, "lumpy". DH said he learnt it from me, so I'm pretty sure I'm the only one. No? ok, whatever. I feel lumpy. There, I said it.

Project people in school have been behaving badly and well, I have been behaving badly by not doing consistent work on it. But hey, there were tests and stuff the last 2 weeks. Now I'm sorta trapped with a little too much to do in between. I'm tired and crabby. The weather was crazy hot at 33degC, the skin on my face is exceedingly angry at the cheap foundation I insisted on using to save cash, loads of stuff to make but not enough time. That pretty much explains why I was whipping out the cookies & cream rocky road bar tonight. I closed all the MSword windows and decided, that was it. I wasn't going to kill myself over a year 1 project.

Then I got sick halfway thru the bar, which is why I'm typing now. LOL
I'm feeling a lot like this guy.

Now I want blue potato chips. Or a burger. Or a potpie. Or 7.

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