Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Happy mid-autumn, mooncake festival chinese people. I had my mooncake with the folks and watched primetime local crap on tv. The mooncake was good, though it wasn't the snow skin types I preferred. I had to resist walking past Haagen Dazs coz I know I would jump in for the ice cream version. Dang those chocolate birthday cakes! (OK, I admit I loved them) :P The moon looked great tonight though. I stopped to stare for a while during my evening walk.

Celebrating meaningless milestones again. I have reached 400 feedbacks! I know, I sold more than that, but I guess we don't always get feedbacks from everyone. Nonetheless, I never reached this much in my ebay accounts ever since 1995. LOL I think etsy's almost the best thing since sliced bread and chocolate milk. I guess I can live with those hiccups at their site earlier. One etsyer asked me a while ago about why do I not hang around the etsy forum to gain exposure. I told her, if I did that, I'll never leave the computer and get sewing done and actually have stuff in my shop! But yeah, you win some, you lose some I guess. I'm more about the sewing than the talking. Thanks SO much, from the bottomless bottom of my little heart to everyone who has contributed to that number. It really means so much to me and I smile everytime I read your feedbacks. Sometimes its the only time I smile all day. :+)

I saw the skin doc today. Despite my snooze button being pressed twice (its my mortal enemy now!), I managed to keep the 9.25am appointment at the skin centre. The morning traffic however wasn't so nice. I decided to walk the distance. 2 bus-stops didn't seem that daunting til I actually walked it. LOL Turns out I have eczema like I predicted. And according to the doc, I've always had it. The environment was the trigger for the outbreak. I had fever and shingles when I first came back for good from Sydney 2 years ago. No angry skin in Sydney. The environment and stress in Singapore makes my skin hypersensitive and angry. Kinda like the Sensory Disorder I also have. I think thats 2 more good reasons to stay home and bolt my door and switch on the AC. LOL I did get a new set of skincare from the pharmacy though. Hopefully it goes away and I stop feeling and looking like Ronald McDonalds. :P

Just to share this gorgeous gorgeous box I received from Clarice. She kindly swapped with me after we did a smaller swap before coz she wanted a MiniZ from me and I wanted some stuff from her shop. We proceeded to have a bigger swap so here it is! She sent me all the good stuff, especially that super cute luggage I've been craving for, forever.

See? Good stuff doesn't need to be in numbers. Its always in the quality. ;+) Thanks Clarice, you made my whole swap year! LOL

Oh, one swap ethic I really wanna share coz its been bugging me. Its really not about the stuff you can receive from a swap, but the stuff you can share with someone and make that person smile. Choose a swap that you can provide the best stuff to your partner!

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Summer Rain said...

Hi Lyn,

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Congratulations on the hitting the big 400! your purses are fabulous, that swap you got looks delicious too!

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