Sunday, September 16, 2007

New mag & tote, mushies + Surprises!

Its been a pretty busy week, making stuff, sending them off, going to school, dealing with people.... I didn't do as well as I wanted to for the ecnonomics test last wednesday. I think it was anxiety. I haven't done a test, a real one in a pretty long time. I studied for it, got hints from a student who did the test on Monday, still, it turned out pretty unexpected, like it always does. Nonetheless, I figured out the excel functions for the biz comp class on Thursday which was a great relief coz I was literally panicking wed night. The geeky lecturer had the cheek to tell me that I was "not bad", coz I managed, despite him leaving for a lunch appointment last week than to tell me how to do it when I asked. Jez, no thanks to you, dude. :+(

A shopping mag I bought last week. I thought I had to give up mags when I'm back here but out pops Smitten. I'm not sure if I want a subscription yet since I'm more inclined towards Cotton Time right now. Though I miss the STYD days. Shopping was a sport in Sydney, sniffing out bargains and looking good in school. With my etsy shop and the thrill of making new stuff leaves shopping for clothes out for now. I still shop, albeit for fabrics. And my ever growing collection is not only annoying my mum, its annoying me too - not being able to make as fast and many as I want to as my inspiration comes, not just because of the money, but I get off on sewing. Freaky, I know. Nonetheless, I spent a couple of quite moments in the loo with this mag last weekend. *eye roll* Its not what you think, I spent time in the loo, coz its about the only place when people have to leave you alone, when you're in there.

My new crochet tote, & messy bed behind. Try your bestest to ignore it. Anyways, I'm feeling pretty satisfied. LOL I know, I hardly say that but this time I would. It took me a while to crochet up the mauve part, actually I was doing it in April or May I think. I didn't know what I was going to do with it yet. A couple of days ago I took it out, finished a couple more rows, made it up into a bag, did the cream trimming on top. Just this afternoon, I made the inside and handles and its done! Inside & handles with decorator weight light cream cotton. Handles are extra thick for fun. So, what made me do this? I wanted a knit-esque bag since last year when Ferragamo came up with a fancy-knit version with leather trimmings. Only thing was, I had trouble with the fancy style and finding decent leather trimmings. Wish I was in Japan. Their simple treatment of leather handles are so divine. I'm determined to actually use this tote, and maybe turn a few heads while I'm at it.

My mushies from Barbara arrived. I'm so in love with them, I took a bazillion photos and had fun arranging them on the picture table. I'm not sure how to arrange them yet but I'll figure it out later. I'm having waaaaaaaay too much fun just playing with them right now. Red mushrooms are my weakness. They just go right into my heart, just like that!

Surprise from Charlene. She buys a load of my stuff and she sends me a surprise! I went home, opened it and it says, "Happy Birthday, Lyn!" How sweet is that!? Out-of-this-world sweet, peeps! I mean, I hardly knew her and yet, she went all out and bought me the best stuff! Marks & Spencer mini animal biscuits & a big bar of choc, a super duper cute retro Hello Kitty radio and a yard of Hello Kitty fabric! Thanks soooooooo much, Charlene. You just made my whole year!

There are really nice people in the world who be nice just for being nice. And its amazing just saying that.


Barbara said...

Im so glad you enjoyed the mushrooms Lyn :D They are lots of fun and you should see my own collection of all the colors >.< Can't wait to see how and where you display them!!

PS I received your orange lucky parcel today also!! Lots of goodies!! Thanks!!!


marsha said...

You are SO spreading the mushie love!!!!

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