Monday, September 10, 2007

Ikea is going Pink

It was a pretty intense week, with projects and assignments lining up. This coming week, there's an economics MCQ test which I'm cramming for, hoping to squeeze some points before the finals. Project people are driving me nuts so I got pretty frustrated. We've got stuff straightened out a little so hope it'll be better from now, til the due date, 12th Oct. I've even pestered DH to proof-read our project, hopefully with his linguistics skills, we'll fare much better. Afterall, the project's gonna go over to Melb for marking. *fingers crossed* I know, I did Lingx too but he's much better. I won't sleep well without his help. :P

Etsy's not being very nice to us recently, with a whole bunch of people having problems listing new stuff so I'm gonna put them up here for a while til etsy gets back on track.

The gorgeous package you see up there's going to an awesome girl! I'm a camera nazi, snapping everything insight. LOL

These 2 cute drawstrings are going to 2 awesome people! Hope they like them. Its actually a complimentary for being so nice to me and buying my stuff by loads. LOL Thanks guys, you make me wanna go on and on!

Life's essentials. Ikea's sexy new color - PINK! Makes me wanna go and buy up everything. Why no pink fabric though? Damn. Though, I'm seriously in love with my new pink Trofast bin. Its got this really mesmerizing tone of pink. Its up on my shelf so I get to look at everyday. Whee!

Basket of new wallets. They are seriously tough to make, and I'm so nazi about it, I don't accept anything not decent. So comes the procrastinating, the busy schedules and all. Some of them are spoken for, some of them up on etsy, some of them still waiting on adoption....

life goes on!

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