Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stuff that's bothering me lately...

Not sure if its all part of getting older, but there's some things bothering me these days.

1) Incident at a local PO. A lady was mailing a luggage full of various things. Whilst she was packing her stuff into boxes at a corner, 2 men in the queue in front of me was staring back at her doing stuff. It was a 180deg direction for them since the queue was facing the other way but they continued doing that. I'm pretty sure its not "looking" coz they were not blinking while staring and not looking elsewhere at all. I was curious if they knew the lady so I stared at them blankly. One guy looked away for 2 seconds and went back to staring at the lady. I found this rather offensive and yet amusing at the same time. I'm not sure if it happens elsewhere, but I'm pretty sure in my 4 years in Sydney, I've seen nothing like that. In fact, I've noticed many other such instances in Singapore. Are Singaporeans plagued with a necessity to stare?

2) While on the bus home, 2 junior school girls (in uniform) with their mum hurried their ice cream in yellow plastic cups, left them on the stone seat and boarded the bus. The dustbin was clearly 2 steps away, literally, and they prefer to leave the cups on the seat? This baffles me, a lot.

3) The new elevator nearer to my apartment is up. While trying to go for my evening walk/jog, I unwittingly rode that elevator down. It was filled with cigarette smoke. I'm not sure why coz there's a sign that says no smoking, both in graphic and words, in case people can't read. Maybe the smoker was blind. And in case you didn't know, I'm allergic to lighted cigarettes.

4) Since I mentioned cigarettes, I just wanna say how fabulous when I go to school each day and be greeted by the infamous scent of cigarettes at the main entrance. These kids are presumably younger than me. Some of them are girls. I understand people like to kill themselves, but STOP RECRUITING. Thanks.

That's all.


marsha said...

Great. I'm going back to face all this nonsense.....I'm going to miss being away SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

plushism said...

Hey girl, I admire your hardwork and the great sales in Etsy. Comment about Singapore culture. True that its about all the ignorant stares. Many selfish ones all around. But we gota to be the odd ones out. Always be considerate. hehehe... Wish you have full loads of ideas and good Biz! SMILE~~ -Nico

LMZ said...

I was in a lift once with a well-dressed young man who was drinking from a packet. The second we came out of the lift, he threw the packet on the floor without hesitation, as if it was the only natural thing to do.

Just last week, I witnessed a young boy who hit the info stand of an exercise station with hard objects...continuously, in the presence of a disinterested father who looked on but didn't say or do anything to stop.

Absolutely disgusted by such behaviour!

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