Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday comes once a year

Happy birthday to me. Another year older, another year closer to the six feet under. A tad morbid, but hey, its my day, I can mope if I want to. Its been a good year, especially with florspace. Though, looking back, I must say I'm better off without school and just being by myself, at home with my sewing machine and mountains of fabric. How fun. Inject school into my life, with the boppin' young en's I can't handle and travelling in the afternoon heat, causes my body to react in funny ways. Firstly, I get charred, which I really dislike. I much prefer to stay white, thank you very much. And now, I'm getting weird swells around my lips, like lip ezecma or something. Its annoying me quite a bit especially when I look much like Ronald McDonald. Sigh.

Anyways, mum and dad bought me dinner on wednesday and this cake yesterday. Its pretty yummy boston choco with um, a thick layer of cream inbetween. I went out with my posses tonight to Balcony for dinner and they bought a chocolate cake too. I think I ate 1/3 of that thing. Must.Go.Exercise.

I took a stroll down Orchard road after I left them. It must have been 11.30pm at night but it was still exceedingly hot. Kinda felt like being in a sauna, steaming in my own icky juices. Took a pit stop at Borders and picked up a Paperchase laptop tote in the traveller's print coz it looked interesting enough and I didn't have one. Also, a little late but, the Buble album and the Moleskine 2008 schedule book coz it always run out and I was determined to get one asap. I was reading "The World Is Flat" but they chased us out coz they were closing. The buses have ended service so I took the Night rider home. It wasn't surprising anymore when the bus was relatively full. 4million on a tiny island means its crowded everywhere, forest included, said my insightful friend at dinner tonight.

I share the same secret shame with Homer Simpson. We both eat flowers. I was at the supermarket the other day and found these. I needed an excuse to put them in the cart so I told my folks its my birthday.

There you go. Now you know everything about me.


Dani said...

Happy Birthday Lyn! My birthday is Monday and I have decided to bake myself a cake! Hope your birthday weekend is a good one!


Drewzel said...

Happy happy birthday! Hooray for lots of choccy cake!
xxx steph

Kari said...

Are those real flowers or are they candied flowers? xD

LLMS said...

Happy birthday Lyn.

I read your blog a couple a times a week and I love it!

Hope your happy!


Hazel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday Lyn!! That cake looks positively wicked, bet it was soooo delicious :D Gosh I don't know how you handle the heat where you are, but then the cold temps here are just as uncomfortable in Jan/Feb.
Glad it has been a good year for you, especially with your etsy shop.
Take care

marsha said...

Happy birthday Lyn!
Michael Buble totally rocks man...hope you had a good one!

Jill said...

happy late birthday!

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