Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Public apology

I made a terrible mistake. I didn't use bcc for the recent florspace update email. I'm terribly terribly sorry to everyone who's on that list. I know how annoying that is and I hate for it to happen to me too. I didn't want to annoy people further by sending another email so I'm putting up an apology here. I'm sincerely and truly sorry for the boo-boo. I'd totally understand if you decide to hate me. :~(

For everyone who's on that list, please don't share those emails coz its really unethical to do that. It was my mistake so please don't make it criminal on my count!

Jez, must be the late night.

**On the other note, the florspace anniversary sale is ending this friday, on my birthday. More cool stuff coming up! Keep your eyes peeled while I go rest mine.

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