Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Etsy's misbehavin' - Cafe Magasin & Maison Jaune

2 design re-stocks. I'm putting them up here coz etsy's not co-operating with me these 2 days. Been trying to list but nothing's working yet. We're all stuck at either stage 2 or 4, the picture loading stage. The funny thing is my pics are all about 250kb and I've disabled firewall like the admins asked us to, but still nothing. Its immensely frustrating so you faithful blog readers, you get the news!

Super cute Maision Jaune, redesigned to be the sunniest MiniZ in the history of florspace, the yellowest of the yellow, the sweetest of the mango puddings! LOL Its got a lemon zipper and a lemon interior so, my yellow lovers, this one's for you! Fabric is used up, so these are the last ones. Grab them while they're yellow!

Very classy and understated Cafe Magasin, last 4 for grabs, made perfectly with chocolate zippers and insides. Old time France with chic, hat-box carrying ladies and the smell of lavender flowers and freshly brewed coffees fill the air. I'm unable to get the fabric unfortunately, so these are the only ones left in the world!

p/s: These are with my old tags, or like Deb says, "vintage" ;+)

Updates - etsy's working so they are all there! 3 left of each as I speak!

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