Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lethargic week

Wednesday's lunch. A couple of days later and its old news. Pasta gets me through the day, coz I got sick of instant noodles. Sapporo soy handmade noodles or not. How do you guys like the 3-column blog? I've been toggering it for a while and I'm hopeless at html so the mention of those 4 letter words make me break out in cold sweat. Nonetheless, after the upteenth time I've failed, I decided to give it another go a couple of days ago before the Accounting exam paper on Thursday. I couldn't sleep and was pretty hyped up after all that cash flow statements. Looks fine with me, though the center text alignment's a bit off. I'm done fixing it coz I'm so confused on where those tags go and I'm pretty terrified about screwing it up like the last time.

After that paper, I pretty much feel like the banana peel in the bin. I took this picture coz it looked beautiful. Yeah, trashing beauty. LOL Neways, the paper was bad, 7 questions in 3 hours don't cut it. I couldn't finish and my cash flow statement did not balance, which is thoroughly embarassing coz I've been doing accounting for more than a decade now. Don't ask why they threw me back in year 1. I think the uni asked for "academic" credentials. I only had professional ones from ACCA. *eye roll*

Little packages of ribbon for the ribbon swap on swap-bot. I love ribbons and love packing them. I think I'll start a monthly ribbon swap on swapbot when I'm back from vacay. Hope my partners like them! There's 7 yards of fun in there!

Cookies to make me feel better when cramming. I'm trying hard to get my dumb brain to absorb macroeconomics right now but I seriously have a lack of good materials. The notes are skimpy and the text is hopeless. I don't know about you, but economics is a whole new way of looking at life, a whole new way of thought for me that I never knew I'd be doing it all over again since college days. I'd forgotten most of it and the equations and graphs are throwing me for a loop right about now. I'm praying for an easy paper.

A package for my one of my dearest customers. :+) Hope she likes! That gorgeous tag is from digital paperie at etsy. And take that handmade pledge too! & buy handmade this holiday seasons. There's so many beautiful christmas cards on etsy, I don't know where to begin to tell you!

Some jumbo laundry clips I whipped up a little while ago. I was looking for good clips but the local versions were plagued with splinters. I found these bigger (& therefore better!) version at Daiso. Smooth and pretty! I painted them withh enamels and voila! I'm imagining them a lot a lot bigger as a real life static installation. Mmmm.....installations. Love 'em.

Mum's kitchen. I love my mum. She's got really interesting quirks. When the glass panels of the cabinet broke, she replaced them with these lace panels. Much better, me thinks. Just thought I'd share. ;+)

This is about the best thing that happened all week. Some fabrics I'd ordered came and I was esctatic for a while. They are extremely lovely and they add to my pile. The private reserve is adding in at 4 big piles. They are utterly addictive. Pretty sure it'll get much worse at my trip to Tokyo this time. More goodies for you guys though! I'm bringing my folks to Hokkaido and we'll stop by Tokyo to pick up some stuff and walk around. They haven't been to Japan so they're prolly dragging me along for translation. Hmm.....or they'll be Lost In Translation. LOL Bad pun. Loved that movie though.

Tomorrow's my Grandad's 1-year-anniversary. I can't believe he's been gone for a year already. I really really miss him and have always stopped to regret that I hadn't spent enough time with him ever since I went to Sydney. He started disintegrating then. When I came back, his memory was gone. I hope he was happy. For some reason, the little shop he's worked for all his life is going to close. The only thing I could salvage from it is the abacus he's used for the accounts. I'd always remember him clicking and clacking on that heavy abacus. I spent quite a lot of time in that shop when I was young. Hopefully with that abacus, I can preserve some of those memories.

I'm ending on an upbeat! Pardon me if you're from those states. Singaporeans prolly find it funny. Its from Saturday's The New Paper. :+)

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