Sunday, October 14, 2007

Very Limited Hello Kitty MiniZs up for grabs!

Hey guys! Uber cute Hello Kitty MiniZs up for grabs! In very limited numbers each, you wanna get in quick! The actual one you receive might be a tiny bit different from the ones pictures but we promise it'll be cute! We have very strict fabric placement rules so no worries! ;+)

So sorry for the crazy long wait for these cuties... I even forgot who wanted them anymore! Yikes! Better late than never!

Let's see...we have the blazing red kitty, retro canvas kitty, patchy kitty and kitty/hedgehogs/mushrooms. 4 different designs, US$8 each, worldwide shipping, US$4 for the 1st mini, just $1.50 for every after. I'm discounting shipping coz I'm saving etsy fees!

To place an order, just paypal me the correct amount (, and I'll have them mailed out. Don't forget to tell me which MiniZ you want in the title section of the payment. If the design you're after is sold out, your payment will be returned pronto.

Singaporeans, drop me an email to order since you guys are paying by local bank transfer.

You don't wanna miss these pure Sanrio goodness! Buy away!


marsha said...

cutesy cutesy cutesy!!!!

Hazel said...

Perfect little purses, so bright and cheerful too!


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