Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where's kawaii?

I heart my chicken schnitzel
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I admit, I'm still mildly bored being here. I want to do loads of things with my fabrics but can't at the moment. Feel like I'm stuck in a nicer version of hell. Where's the kawaii heaven I used to know for a while?

Granted, I have the cool weather all day and night like I've been yearning for, for a year but everything else seems to have wrenched away from me. No more kawaii things to find in the stores or stashed in my drawers somewhere, I feel kinda lost. Not to mention DH is rather busy and I've been looped into attending seminars and lectures at my uni because I "got caught" one day by my linguistics lecturer when I went by the uni. I was used to be known for a knowledge enthusiast, very keen to attend my linguistics and psychology classes, clocking in extra time and all, getting credits for being interested and making efforts. But now I simply feel exhausted having to go to any classes at all. Good in theory/paper. I can feel myself getting lazy in that sense but I spent 4 years in uni being inquisitive about the mysteries of life that I feel I wanna stop and be for a while. I answered many things about myself and my own perspective on life so it gets kinda boring when I have to go through that again. I think I'm kinda jaded in that sense and it takes quite a bit to shock me.

Anyways, I'm kinda stuck to shopping and consuming for now. The worst thing is, I used to be that way and the more I consume, the more I need to consume and it ultimately makes me feel empty, in every sense of that word. Well, except when I find my clothes getting snug and rings around my tum. Thats bad news, but what?

Bad stuff aside, I had a wonderful day at the Kirribilli Markets on Saturday. I bagged 4 vintage dresses, 1 glomesh wallet and one vintage suitcase in fab condition for next to nothing! And those were things I always look out for and never get! Pictures to come!

um, who said buying stuff didn't lead to happiness?

Oh, I did. Because we had to lug the stuff around town after that. :/


Blossom Hill said...

Just think how much you will appreciate being back home. You will love your sewing machine, creating loads of new stuff you can be in kawaii heaven again!

Looking forward to seeing photos of your vintage finds. Your day at the market sounds like it was fantastic:D

florspace said...

Thanks Hazel, I was just too besotted with cute stuff. :P

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