Wednesday, May 02, 2007

So lucky....

Well, I'm in Sydney! Sorry for not uploading any pics yet coz I'm actually using the internet at a public mall and there are no usb jacks on the station. :+( DH's internet is uh, dial-up, hopelessly slow and he's busy doing his presentations this week. No computer use for me at home. Boo. And I was too lazy to bring my own. The flight - I was actually proud to do a Jackie-O spin for my flight. Black trench, oversized glasses, skinny pants, brown balenciaga handcarry. Until I realised I forgot a good amount of things like my LOMO fisheye camera. Double boo.

Anyways, the flight was delayed, again and again. I met someone at Changi airport on another Qantas flight that was delayed too. See? Its not me anymore, its Qantas. I wanted SQ but it wasn't for me to choose. My budget did the math. It got delayed again in Adelaide during the connecting flight to sydney. It wasn't funny coz I was very tired and cranky. They changed my seat too, to make way for the 1st class passengers. They couldn't be in 1st class coz the door in first class won't open. Anyhoo, its a real stupid long story. I was rotting in Adelaide for 2 good hours when I could've reached sydney, or well, my place already. Quarantine was smooth for once and the nice china cab guy was nice too though the cab fare came up to be more than usual. Sigh.

THE SURPRISE. I told DH to stay home coz I needed him to "wait for something to be delivered". Well, I was late, so I guess he couldn't wait and he went out to get stuff before the shops close. I knocked on the door and nothing. Suffice to say I had to call him and told him to get his ass back. He thought it was some flower guy coz it was our anniversary and I used to send roses. His eyes, almost popped when he saw me! LOL It was anniversary gift ever.

I went down to the city yesterday for a while, picked up some tops and walked all the way to the Circular Quay with a starbucks grande latte in hand, I felt warm and happy. I sat on the bench facing the opera house, watching life go by. A guy was singing and playing on his guitar some outback Australian tunes and with the sunset in the background, it couldn't have felt more real. It was so beautiful, so surreal. I was finally able to "be" for a while. I took time to watch the clouds go by, to watch a baby's reaction to its surrounds, the tunes to sink in and the birds to walk by....

Today's even better, shopping wise that is. DH is real busy these 2 days so I decide to make good of it going shopping. Guys are well, never really good at that and they get tired to easily and um, tend to drag us down, non? I found 2 black tailored pants, one black scooter mini dress and get this, a Stella McCartney Cashmere Bell coat! It was just hanging in the back and no one thought it exists anymore after that mad rush months ago. *phew!* Fits like a glove, feels like heaven and on discount too...what better way to end the day!

Stay tune for more! ;+)


IritC said...

Wow, that sounds so great!!!

I have yet to visit Australia, but my best friend was there on her honeymoon, and she now contemplates relocating Down Under. ;-)

I'm leaving for Japan on May 13. Hopefully, I'll get to experience some "being" moments too.

Jill said...

No matter how diligent one is when packing, one always forgets something...I left my house without my wedding dress and didn't know until I was at the airport!
Airports/airlines suck, huh? I know the feeling.

Sounds like wonderful shopping!

I received a little pink package in the mail today...thank you so much!!

florspace said...

IritC, Oh man, I'll be over the galaxy if I get to visit Japan. LOL Anyways, everyone contemplates relocating here, til they find out the ugliness after living here for a bout 4 years. :P Its got good and bad I suppose.

Jill, you forgot your wedding dress?! Thats incredible! I'd imagine thats the 1st thing anyone would load up first! LOL

Jill said...

You'd think, right? lol
My mom wasn't leaving until after us, so she was able to get it and haul it to Jamaica. :D

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