Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy April...make something!

How time flies and this is no april fool's joke. I have a long term paper due this saturday and exams are at the end of the month before I fly off to Sydney in search of bit of rest & my other half. Its funny how it feels like the term has only just begun and voila, it ends, together with my initial promises to work on my projects and studies early. Obviously, I have poor time management! I always get distracted when I see fabric, or a new purse or a new piece of clothing. These things automatically set my mind in motion, doing air-de-engineering of the pieces I see. Its a pity the mental activities do not manifest itself into physical reality as much as I want to. Recently while my trusty assistant has been working on Mini purses restocks, I've been working on some easy clothing pieces so that I can save much but still have new clothes to hang around in. Several people have reminded me that its a talent that I am able to sew, however simple even though I always take that for granted (like knitting, crochet, cooking...etc.), leading to think its mostly lack of time (read: laziness!) to venture into more complicated projects for now. Damn my slow hands & super fast clock on the wall. Damn!

For the lovely people who wished you know how to sew, its really not that tough! Keep visiting amazing sites for inspirations, tutorials, how-tos. Get a sewing machine if you don't already have one & learn how to use it. No time? Start small. Simple projects like a tissue case or a child's skirt or pillowcase dress. Go slow when in doubt, don't be discouraged when your project doesn't turn out right. Take time to figure the mechanics out. Try again & again! When you finally get it, the feeling will be out of this world! ;+)

Just some great sites on the worldwide web for DIY/re-engineer clothing & stuff
(the external links from these sites are endless & amazing! :O)
Cut Out + Keep

Happy crafting!

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