Friday, April 09, 2010

Gadget case in action

Remember the @Marekita post about postcards? This time she sent me the above picture of the Wonderland gadget case she got from us a while ago! So happy I got permission to post this! I love the area shot loads! It must be amazing for you guys who get to be living in places where you can get vast lands and fresh air. Its so dense here, I can hardly see 10 metres ahead.

The juxaposition of the cute print & nature is so interesting, its mind-picking, in an amusing way!


Cara said...

i can absolutely not WAIT to buy one of your little pouches to put on my keychain for summertime! how much do you charge for shipping to the US, by the way? SO excited to order from you! xoxox

florspace said...

hey Cara,

The shipping details are available at the bottom of each etsy listing. :+)

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