Sunday, August 30, 2009


We've been hanging around for 3 years on etsy now, a couple of downs, but mostly we've met gazillions of awesome people, the only thing between me and giving you a great big hug is the computer screen! So to mark our thanks, and your general awesomeness,
A little surprise at the end of our Anniversary SALE!

We're giving away this super duper adorable Miffy Bleu Mini Clutch Plat! All fabric used is from Japan, including the super cute lemon polkadots inside! & fab quality YKK zipper as always! PLUS, 2 runners up get a cute little MiniZ from us! Yaaay!

To enter, just visit our store, come back & tell us which item you like best & would love to own! & maybe why too! ;+) Simple as! Get clicking!

Pssst! Make a purchase from our store & get an extra entry for every item! :D

Til next sunday 10.30pm Singapore time (NY Sunday 10.30am) or Time Conversion here. Will draw the winners here.


youngmi said...

congrats on your etsy anniversary! it got sold but i love the sakura bunny night cube wallet. it's so beautiful and i feel that the colors would hide any dirt :)

mittens said...

Cube wallet for sure! because I'm really digging tiny wallets at the moment. maybe the mushies and hedgies or the happy apples. love your shop!

Nina said...

Congratulations! You've been selling for only 3 years and you've had over 2,000 sales!

My favorite is the Fucshia Garden Cube Wallet because I really need a new wallet that's cute yet functional and this fits the bill!

Laura said...

Congrats on your 3rd birthday, Florspace! Well done, Lyn. :o)

I'd have to say that the Autumn Dance Big One is my fave. I'd keep my knitting in that one.

Laura x

Flutterfly said...

I love the Leprechaun prototype!

I just purchased an extended MiniZ and two miniZ, but I think I'll probably come back for the Leprechaun sometime later ;D!

Happy 3rd birthday ;D!

jojoebi said...

I love the cube wallet design but made with which fabric, hmm I think I would need a different one for each day of the week - I am useless at deciding.

a little pea in a pod said...

I am a die-hard fan of your miniz! I would love to see more miniz paired up with co-ordinating removable swing strap :)Looking forward to more traditional miniz =)

Precious Moments said...

Congrats on your etsy 3rd anniversary! What I like best, I will vote for the blue doll miniz. The printing of japanese doll is super cutely and navy blue color is one of my favourite. That's why I have purchased 2 of it.
Keep up with the good work and looking forward on your new creation.
Bye, bye.

jean said...

Hi, congratulate on your 3rd anniversary! I was browsing all your lovely sewing when my daughter saw *Little Red Riding Hood* pouch. She said "nice, I like this!" I asked her why she likes it .. she said "because I like little red riding hood."

Lovely sewing!! Keep it up!

florspace said...

Winners revealed! :D

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