Sunday, August 09, 2009

Giving thanks +!

Whew! Its been a long day! Had to stay up last night, amend all the 155 listings in the shoppe for the sale, answer convos, tweet and prepare more stuff for you wonderful people who stayed patiently by the screen and waited (past midnight for the eastern hemisphere!). To all you early birdies, THANK YOU + HUGS! Its very cliche, but seriously, we'll be living on the streets without you! Its well and truly such a wonderful feeling to be appreciated for the things we do! You early birdies will definitely find extra goodies with your order! ;+) yaaay! Not to worry "later-comers" (*giggles*), our orders always come with love and thanks, just because you believed in us! It makes everything worth its weight in gold.

Now, you might already know this, but I'm quite a juvenile and almost naive person. I have issues keep secrets and holding things in! LOL The shot up there is a final version of our Maxi Clutches soon to be in store! You saw it here first! I just had to say it coz its almost the only thing on my mind these days! I'm a little nuts about clutches. I have a plethora of vintage ones that are being used almost daily as well as prototypes for florspace. With fabric construction constraints, I found in order to create a large clutch enough for our daily (load of!) essentials to be crammed into a hand-held, it needed both to be sturdy, yet relatively lightweight and somewhat structured yet will be suitable to be made in cottons and canvases. I hated super hardy clutches like the old hand-tooled leather ones coz they can hurt as well as clutches that eventually turn lumpy after sometime of usage. Pleats and whatnots tend to trap dirt in the yummy fabric and it can become difficult to handle in everyday situations. I'd wanted something classic, something simple, in the florspace spirit of real functionality and letting the fabric speak for itself.....hence a sort of blown up version of our small clutches we used to do. I loved the classic circular moon shaped flap and trapezoid style. The flat bottom means your clutch will mould to your essentials and habits and you can control how much to put in, not to mention things will be more easily found as they can only be on one plane! And, it packs so easily in your suitcase for travel! And of course, the zippered top means nothing falls out even if you drop the clutch or have to fend off unwanted attention. ;+)

Quite a bit of thought went in but it'll be boring you guys out! I will not be releasing the one you see at the top, as the fabric is vintage and has a bit of flaw in it. Its mine for keeps! 3 more really adorable ones like above are coming in store, so do keep your eyes peeled if you're a clutch-anatic like moi! :D

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huimin said...

ooh i want the wonderland one!

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