Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The upcoming Anniversary SALE...

Oh gosh! Its been 3 years! We've had so much fun doing up purses for you guys and hearing about lovely stories about them, the time just flew by! No long sappy stories this time, but everyone's been so great and supportive to us these 3 years, we wanna virtual hug you all and say thank you thank you thank you! We don't exist without you guys, truly! So that said, its the big sale time for you guys who love us so much! :D

Everything in store is 20% off til the end of August! Yaaaay!
Price Rewind!
MiniZs @$5, MiniBs@$6
Shipping for each additional small purse is only $1!

Third Anniversary SALE Conditions:
1) Reserved, pre-orders, customs, additional requests not included in the sale.

2) Sale items are not included
3) Payment is expected immediately at the time of order for international paying by paypal.
4) Payment is expected within 3 days for local orders, i.e., payment has to be received in our bank account within 3 days.

Note that every single purse that goes into the shoppe is all painstakingly made by hand so no sale-time rejects ever!

Starts about NY time 12pm, 7th August. ;+)
(Singapore 12am, Friday night, Sat morning!)
Need time converter?

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