Friday, July 31, 2009

Half Market Tote!

I posted the above playshot on flickr yesterday. Were you guys curious to find out what it is? ;+) I know I was! Yeah, its highly likely I'm standing alone as a seriously mental bag lady! LOL Anyways, I gotta admit the tiny retro flowers background is actually my ironing board cover which the elves had gotten a while ago coz they know I'm gonna fawn over the kitschy print! I did and it goes well with the Couleur Envelope Tote, doesn't it? This shot was just begging me to play with it digitally! After some cross processing, vintage-ing & polaroiding the shot, it looks somewhat like the lomo effect...sort of. ;+)

Taa-dah! Its a hafu~(half) Market Tote! Our usual Market Totes are really great in terms of size, but while searching for possibilities of variety (I blame ADHD!), I had to do a cute version of the mom-sized totes! I also loved that despite the tote being soft-sided, its really lightweight and foldable which means, extra storage and burst of color on the go! It tucks neatly into the flat envie tote! I wear a lot of black and commuting in the crowded city, sometimes there's not enough room to even move! This tote guarantees ease of reaching in while on the shoulder especially in a tight jam and a quick stop at the organic market. The pleats on all 4 sides adds 3D-ness to the color-popping effect!

A little florspace happiness everyday! here!

1 comment:

sheryan said...

Very cute tote! Love the colours and I like how you edited the first photo in photoshop ^^ Looks super cool ^^

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