Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Exclusive! 2 Sanrio Hello Kitty Cube Wallets up for grabs! - SOLD!

Blog-readers exclusives! We're having 2 of the cutest Hello Kitty Cube Wallets up here! Its Retro Kitty on the left and Kitty + Apple Trees on the right! Made with care and love and the same kind of quality you'll expect from all our purses at our etsy shoppe! Only one of each, so do hop in, drop me an email if you'll like one! They come in cute wrapping & extras so they'll be perfect for gift-giving of for keeps!

More pictures here!

Email to order -
$35 + $7 shipping worldwide. Paypal only!

Update: ALL SOLD.
Contact us for custom requests!

1 comment:

sheryan said...

AH so tempting~ But I am saving up for something else from your shop :) I am in need of these fab coasters and storage bins!

I hope I can order these soon :) lol.

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