Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mid-week Rant - Attack of the babies

mX news, 21st July 09, Melanie Sullivan (Click on article to read!)

Courtesy of my dear husband, who scanned out this article for me from our favourite free paper, mX in metro Sydney, Australia. By now, you guys might have already known that besides being a commitment-phobe, I'm also allergic to kids. And while the popularity of having a bun in the oven shoots up, the availability of annoyance, strollers blocking the way and wailing kids are on the rise. But as the author mentioned, there's something else of note - Moms using babytalk. I have sensitive ears and using baby talk on adults (even when kids are around) is simply not ok! I'm not sure how the moms feel, but its demeaning and honestly, quite an insult to both mom, kid and everyone else. Yes kids are the way to the future, but thats in your universe, not mine. I will steadfastly not procreate and its my life choice. I celebrate yours, but will you even acknowledge mine? People who hear of my decision see it as a "plight" of ignorance that the world desperately needs kids. They will "pity", chide, and try endlessly to change my opinions thru a series of pseudo-logic that I can tear apart in a sec. But nooooo, they'll never hear of that. The worst attack comes when one has to attend a Baby Shower. This is one of the worst things only your closest friends can inflict on you. I couldn't have put it in a better way than the lovely author, see points 1 & 2 on the right column of the article.

And YES, motherhood is CHOICE to be made, not a rite of passage. Ugh. The last time I was at Westfield Hurstville shopping mall, a mother with a pram wanting to edge herself into the narrow corridor to the restrooms yelled, "PRAM!" to everyone around obviously with the intention to let her in first. Plain and simple, its YOUR CHOICE to have kids. Isn't it a tad rude to implicate and impose on everyone else? I'm always happy to help if someone with kids has problems manouvering the stroller going down the escalator, or picking up the pacifier/toy/towel or to give up my seat on public transport. I happily gave my seat to a family on the plane before so that they could sit together. But in this case, its really just plain rude to yell "pram" at everyone.

In the end, I walked right in before her.
One small step for me, one big realization for childless people everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally. I am an indonesian who grew up in Singapore and studied and working in Brisbane, Australia now.

I am married and everyone around me are having kids or wants to have kids. When i tell family and friends i have no plans to have kids, they gasp in surprise like it's a crime not to have kids.

The world does not need me to give birth to populate the world, there are alot of other people that wants to do that. But do not disrespect or think otherwise on our decision to not have kids.

Sometimes i feel like just giving birth and to show "there i gave birth are you happy and does that shut your mouth."

Thank you for this entry, it makes me feel like i am not alone.

Oh yes, i forgot to introduce myself - i am one of your buyers =)

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