Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thanks Katy!

Just wanna take a moment to say thanks SO much to Katy of imagingermonkey for sending me this basket of wonderful goodies! I won her giveaway last month and this basket arrived in the mail last week. It was such a mood uplifter since I had to leave DH behind in Sydney at the end of last month. Had so much fun finding out whats inside! Suffice to say, its so enjoyable that the pack of skittles is gone, the super cute polkadot notebook is becoming a staple in my tote, the pin cushion and basket is on my sewing table getting plenty of workout, the handy & pretty cut fabric squares planned for a quilt, the seeds have been planted (fingers crossed that they'll sprout!).....Katy's an amazing gift-giver and I'm just so honored to be the winner! Its cliche to say but its true that I hardly ever win anything in my life. LOL

To pass on the love, we're having a giveaway of our own soon! ;+) Stay tuned!


sheryan said...

WOW that looked like such a fun giveaway to participate in and LUCKY you that you won ^^ That is sOOooooo COOOL! i love participating in giveaways, but I haven't really won yet. I won 3rd prize in one give away, but haven't gotten my buttons in the mail participated in about 4 or 5, but none of the prize packs have been so great like what you were able to win! so congrats!! yay~~ I'll be keeping a look out for your giveaway too :)

Cindy said...

You are really lucky, Lyn. :)

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