Monday, July 27, 2009

Lomo & Superheadz-ing

As excited as a kid on christmas morning, I braved the wind and pouring rain, dragged my school tote to collect my first roll of film from the (new) ColorSplash camera I bought back in April. I used an expired colorslides 400 from Kodak saved from my Fisheye lomo-ing back when I was in Sydney. I love saving rolls of film til they expire! I still have a roll of sepia back from my japan trip back in 2000. LOL I'll use it when I finally get a proper Lc-a or a Horizon from lomo. For once, plastic is sorta fantastic (ugh, i hate myself). And to save at least some plastic, I bought a 35mm conversion adapter for my clunky Holga 120SF. I love how boxy the Holga is, its adorable! I haven't actually used the Holga in 120 yet (Boo!) coz I'm clumsy and a dork when it comes to dealing with 120. :/

Anyhoo, I got the film processed at my cousin's place, still paid the full price though! Didn't ask for paper prints, but the scanning costs more than the processing. Hmm....what gives?! That aside, the minute I saw the burst of colors of the mini icons on the CD insert, I was sort of blown away! Hey, its still my first tryout roll, so cut me some slack! LOL The range of reds, blues & yellows were intense as promised by the slide film. I think I'll need to work on my focus, distance as well as which color flash to use for when. There were 34 shots, but some of them were awful blurred and exposed. The rest of them are available here. I didn't carry the cam out of my place. I was pushing it and really wanted to try the flash indoors. In a way someday when I look back at the shots, it'll be a snapshot of things around my place at this time. :+) Only bad news is that the rubbery surface of my CS X-Pro edition cam has gone bit melty on me. I had to lose the silver skin it came with and clean it up a bit with eucalyptus oil. Not everything's out yet, but its better with tiny bits of tissue "fur". Its like winter. LOL For peeps who have the shiny plastic Colorsplash, count yourself lucky!

Ahh....the mysteries of lomo-ing. When everyone is snapping themselves silly using digital cams, I relish in the dreamy, wacky colors the toy plastic cameras can provide! Yes, I am quite old-school in everyway (almost!). I'm also in the midst of trying out a fuyuneko edition of a Superheadz micro cam that uses 110 film. A very nice friend brought it back from Japan a while back and I really had no idea what it was initially! But the thought of using such a cool looking shape of film in such a tiny camera got me excited about taking pictures with toy cams again! I had put down my Fisheyes (1&2) when I came back from Sydney couple of years ago. Its surprisingly more expensive to process film in Singapore than in Sydney, especially to scan them. Anyways, I'm besotted with Superheadz Demekin (Fisheye 110!) which comes adorably packaged in a fishbowl blister pack! Oh & the tiny book camera! Perfect for spying (in a good way, that is)! LOL And it's made to look like a real vintage book, with a sleeve and all! Oh I'm in way over my head about new films right now! Only problem is my cousin's place won't process 110. And not to mention those photo shops in the 'burbs won't even touch a C-41 slide film. Tsk. The worst thing is 35mm film is rarer than rare in the major shopping places now! *_____*

Next to come, a B&W roll of Fisheye2 & hopefully someone will process the 110 roll from my Superheadz Fuyuneko. woo-hoo for film!

ps: its embarassing but I gotta admit I dreamt about buying the Demekin while shopping in Tokyo. Kiddy & nerd! :D Kinda wished it was for real though. LOL

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