Saturday, July 04, 2009


hmm....i've been trying to update the blog for a couple of days now since I came back to Singapore but apparently blogger won't allow me to upload pictures. They simply don't appear and after trying on 3 different computers for the billionth time, I gave up. But hey, it doesn't stop me from writing now, does it? :+) The rest of Sydney related pictures are available on flickr now.

Well, I must apologize for my disappearance. Updating the blog was tough during the vacay since DH and me were trying to squeeze "things to do together" all the time. Twitter was the only "micro-blogging" I could afford to do. We see each other only a couple of months a year as he's in Syd and I'm in singapore and he might not be able to make it back this year, what with all the phd review, job search and migration thingies. sigh, but hey, who needs this greenhouse anyways? I'm looking forward to sunbathing at Bondi at the end of the year. Yes, its summer downunder in Dec. I always remember Homer saying "so, its opposite land!" LOL

So, we're back in operation. florspace elves need a bit of easing in but we're definitely working on things to come! Meanwhile, its just a little lull period. Today, I took sometime to finish a project I'd long wanted to, since last year. A pair of home boots! It took the entire afternoon coz I'd mistaken the number of pieces and ended up with just one boot initially! LOL They turned out pretty cute eventually.

Also managed to go shopping and picked up Shinzi Katoh chopsticks rest and a dinner set. Also the very adorable train set. I'm tempted to extend the carriages though I know I shouldn't over-do it. Space here is so limited! Hmm.....I need a warehouse for storage!

But the best news of all has got to be the wonderful basket 'o goodies I won from Katy! I honestly didn't expect to and just wanted to comment on how cute it was! Such a wonderful surprise it was! It does help feel a little better coming back here without DH.

My folks promise to bring me out for Dim Sum tomorrow at Chinatown. I'm missing the fruity prawn springrolls. Hopefully blogger clear up the picture uploading prob.

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