Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Finds: Camera

After my little excited post on playing with toy cams, you'd guessed I'll do the Friday Finds on old school memory makers! :D I'd been surfing around etsy vintage section for as long as etsy was up. LOL Only in recent months have I discovered that there were vintage cameras in all shapes, sizes, in strangeness and wonder! My earliest memory of a camera is someone sticking his head in a box with a black cloth over his head. We're told to stay frozen in a tiny musty room with a stiff backdrop. Then suddenly, pop, a blinding flash and it was done. I saw stars for a while after that. I didn't like studio shots because I felt it was stiff. There weren't signs of life, so to speak. I loved shots of things in motion. Obviously the cameras I own then did not accomodate the accuracy of speed. Not that I can really afford a DSLR now, but thru Lomo-ing many years back, I've come to relish the slightly dreamy, light-wonky, unexpected pictures of older cameras and toy cameras. Not just cameras per se, talented etsyers are taking the old school memory-makers a couple steps further. Here's are some of my humble finds....

1) CHEESE KATAKANA Graphic Tee Womens

2) Vintage Rollei 35 Camera - Eco Friendly tote Graphic Canvas Tote Bag (Style no. ct278)

3) Vegas Sky - Lomography Fine Art 5 x 5 Photographic Collage Print

4) Photo Finish Bloom - SLR Camera and Film Brooch/Pin

5) Vintage Brownie Starmeter Flash Camera

6) Miniature Vintage Camera

7) Camera Gang. 6 Oldies

8) Kodak Duaflex IV with Flash

9) Vintage 1950's Kodak Metal Film Canister

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