Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fawn of Mushrooms

By now, you guys'll prolly know my fondness for mushrooms. I love them to bits, eat them, stare at them, make them, play with them... It is only a matter of time before they mushroom out into totes again. One of my fondest memories of my first mushroom totes were of this one. How happy was I to find that fabric! Even today as I unearth another out-of-this-world-cute mushroom print is sure to make me grin and squeal! This print is particularly special as it incorporates another fav character - the fawn, aka deer, aka doe...etc. I loved Deery Lou when Sanrio came up with it eons back. It evokes memories of beautiful secret woodlands, or the garden of Eden, with apple trees & honey bees, elves and pixies having a cuppa on stumps. Oh yes, I should prolly mention that I grew up with fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland & Enid Blyton. :+)

Pair this etereally adorable print with a slightly more unexpected polkadotted sky blue (usually it'll be red!) as I was really thinking of well, the powder blue skies with puffy clouds in that secret garden! All thats left is a rainbow and maybe a cute leprechaun before its pure magic!

Let's have tea in the secret garden here! ;+)

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