Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Finds: Mustard

This opens a new segment in this little blog world, Friday Finds! There are plenty, plenty of amazing vintage things picked by discerning etsyians, not to mention amazing crafters on so instead of posting at randon or trying for the elusive etsy Treasury, I'm gonna try the Friday thing. Hopefully I'll be keeping it up duitfully! :P

This friday, I'm obsessed with Mustard Yellow! Ain't this the cheery sunshine color that always get forgotten in the blacks of metropolitain city? It reminds me so much of meadows and holidays in the country where time just crawl by while we just sit on haystacks watching the clouds go by..... Let's explore a little of this yummy summery color!

1) Rotary Telephone from VintageEye
I have one in blue and the loud yet classic rings always brings me back to yesteryears!

2) Leather Heels from 19vintageclothing
I'm loving this loads! I have a pair of vintage pumps in red but this is really egging me on to buy it! Will look amazing with dark navy denims.

3) American Tourister Suitcase from ResourceClothing
Ahh, the classic AT suitcases never fail to make my heart skip a beat. I own several but not in mustard yet. This color is getting rather besotting!

4) American Tourister Carry-On from SuzisCornerBoutique
Oooh! Another one of those Carry-Ons I gotta add to my collection eventually. Matches the Suitcase perfectly!

5) Colemans Mustard Spice Tin from AntiNu
Whats a list of mustards without the mustard? LOL Love vintage tins, they are the easiest way to add a bit of vintage-y touch to your casa without breaking the bank or putting in a nail. Sweet.

6) Mikasa stoneware plate from Kultur
Printed with simple tulips reliefs, these dinner roundies are not just for food! Carefully hung on the wall, they brighten up your kitchen or dining area! Just be sure to use strong plate holders to prevent crash mishaps!

7) The suit from lovethyvintage
This depicts the 60s so perfectly! Just add a hat with some netting and proper pumps and you're ready for lunch or the afternoon derby! The ladies will be so jealous!

8) Plastic Juice Pitcher from halfcaf
No retro kitchen should be without one of these! So bright, it'll pop on your kitchen counter! Mom has a muted latte plastic melmac pitcher, right out of the 70s, in our kitchen! I never appreciated it when I was younger, but I'd never give it up for the world now! Yaaay for vintage & moms!

9) Canister set from sassboxclassics
Last but not least, home retro-ness desperately needs these babies to be on the kitchen counter! Not just for its cute looks, they store biscuits, tea, and other foodie knick knacks in such mod beauty! Note the wooden knobs! woo-hoo!

Go mustard! :D

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