Sunday, July 05, 2009

I keep walking...

So, I'd worn these boots around for a day and surprisingly, it was pretty enjoyable! Albeit the 33degC, it was apparently wearable and kinda cool too! Just wanted to document the thought in case it goes missing at the back of my head. Dying to make more house shoes coz I wanna stop buying for everyone in my family. Why buy when you can make? And I can make 'em cute! :D

It started pouring toward the evening and while the sun sets, I am reminded of how DH and I would do a little sunset hug to commemerate the little event. He likes rain days, I like to play in the rain! During the very rare events that we got up for the sunrise, we would do the same. I felt a little sad then. I suppose its not been long enough and the seperation anxiety still lingers quite strongly. On Wednesday, as I got up alone and ate alone, it felt strange to be doing all those things I was doing before I went to Sydney, like nothing had happened. Suffice to say, it felt almost like I dreamt the whole thing up and now am back to reality. I often am asked, "how do I keep a distance relationship going?". People look on increduously when I tell them we'd already spent about 4 years apart. Perhaps its the little silly insignificant things we do that keeps us together, perhaps because we squeeze everything out of each other; we're dedicated to what each other does, kinda like being kept in the loop. We almost don't let each other stray and we speak over the phone every night. Obsessive yes, compulsive, maybe a smidge. Well, I guess we do get sick, want to move on, stray, whatever you call it, but hell, we find out new things about each other and sorta get stuck again, in a good way. In the end, I tell people, you both gotta want it badly enough to stay together. Perhaps in time, when it does end one day, I'll look back fondly on the memories because so much of what we had was good.

A little melancholic today. ~___~

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Laura said...

Cuteboots! But of course I'd like them - red and white polka dottiness!

Aw - big hug, Lyn. My fella lives three hours away. OK, so you win on distance, but I do have some idea of how you must be feeling. It's tricky sometimes, isn't it? I'm sure you'll be fine. :o)

Laura x

Cindy said...

Welcome back, Lyn :)

The pair of boots is so adorable.

Cathy said...

hi there lyn,
how are you? thanks for the follow!

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