Monday, July 13, 2009

The Rilakkuma Trio!

If I had a character addiction, it might be Rilakkuma. I keep coming back to this adorable yet lazy bear! Yes, Tenorikuma (must be the coffee thing) is pretty close and cute, but this guy, LOL, even DH thinks I laze like Rilakkuma! Remember the first ultimate set back in 07? It was a mod summer yellow version of Rilakkuma! That said, I had to double faint when I saw this print before I left for Sydney. That was back in April, but I can't help reliving the little happiness I felt. Not just Rilakkuma, but a pink version of it! Above all, I pulled out my schedule book for this year and voila, its a perfect match! I knew I didn't have time to dabble with the poor fabric, just begging to be made into something cute for someone nice. It was the day of departure. I rushed it home, kept it nicely together with the rest of my private reserve stash knowing it'll be the first thing I'll go for when I'm back. I did almost, just alsmot forgot about it when I came back but since I was missing DH terribly, I opened my stash and there she was smiling at me. Before long, despite the heat, i managed to do up this trio for some lucky Rilakkuma lovers! We don't have much of this print and apparently its out of print, typical for most fabrics unfortunately. I hate it when good prints becomes unavailable, but well, I guess all we can do is to cherish them!

Anyways, I thought it best to combine this candy-ish pink background with a little chocolate brown. In comes mr. polkadots and miss cottony lace and we have cuteness! The cube is a special edition with the same chocolate polkadots inside too! They just look so yummy together! Best thing? Get all 3 and the 2 purses ships free! Just pay for shipping of the tote!

Look at them here!

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