Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's in the bag?

Here it is...The pinnacle of crafting....the ultimae decadence! LOL I can't seem to rave enough about this one. I made it last week before um, I got dizzy spells again. It took 3 days but I had fun! Fabric placing was a bit tough but at least I got some decent placements out of it. I think the Mini Zippereds are kinda like those swedish circular prints which I totally love as well.

Me thinks this makes a great bag starter set! All you need is well, your stuff! All descriptions are available at the listing. I know its short and all but I'm totally beat from crafting all day. I had to finish Tisha's Doll wallet coz I've been sick & slacking off and she needs it for someone's birthday this weekend! Yikes, Its totally horrid of me but I've gotten it all done, thrown in some real good goodies so hopefully, it'll make up for the lateness. Whew! I've also gotten recent packages all packed and ready so it'll be dropped off tomorrow when I accompany my mom for the colon check. I'm gonna have to sleep early tonight, my biological clock's all screwed up and I've done too much shopping. I blame PMS, migraines and procrastination.

So I leave with one last look at this bag of decadence.

B back soon.

1 comment:

Monica Huete said...

These are great ... so cute...
Hope you enjoy your travel ...

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