Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some stuff about me...

I got bored with posting and thought I'd do one that's totally illogical and pointless.
Wait, this list is prolly for me to reminise when my hair's all white and my teeth has fallen out.

Some stuff about me...

My shampoo is squid ink black. My hair was in weird colors through my teens coz school didn't allow us to do any weird stuff at all. Yeah, we were all against the law at some point or other. Now my hair's black, jet black and I intend to keep it that way. Isn't asian beauty coming back?

I work better at night (10-4am). I'm very very cranky in the morning and I refuse to take coffee. Coffee gives me an existence of about 4 hours and after that I am out. I used to take it only in the late afternoon or evening to get through the last hours of the day. Now I work at the comp at night so no need for coffee, the internet's as exciting as a rollercoaster.

I type better and faster than writing. I used to have penpals til I was grossed out by my own handwriting. I have a friend who had the same problem as me when we were in junior high. We were famous. So I now type. No penpals. Good writing, good fonts and easy erase. Best thing since sliced bread.

Grammar mistakes drives me nuts. I spend my waking hours scrounging for them. I swear any such mistakes made on my blog is totally unintentional and its due to lethargy. This place (Singapore) is a gold mine for them. I often tell sales people I refuse to buy their products because they can't articulate. Sue me.

I'm Sensory-Defensive. I get very upset when people unintentionally has sudden contact against my bare skin. All my neuro senses rushes to that area and I can't think of anything else for 5 minutes and I have to slap or scratch the area. And yes, it gets worse when I'm in Singapore. Its like being in India. I can't turn around without knocking into people. I need space.

I like lavender, lilacs, eucalyptus, sandalwood for smells. I don't do vanilla & sweet scents. I'm partial to fruity & woody notions. DH wears Chanel Allure, courtesy of me.

I'm not into kids and the usual family type stuff. I think I had my fill of it since young. And I can't deal with myself & my life, I refuse to bring someone else into this world to share my problem. My friend Aaron says, "Can't solve the problem, share it out". And I've seen waaaay too many parents who can't handle their kids. If, I ever have a kid, the kid will the center of my universe. No offence, but I think I can't handle a career, a family, a husband, parents and myself all in one lifetime. I'm a perfectionist and doing a half ass job on everything isn't me. Somehow I'm also not the marrying kind. I'm still single but DH is almost already DH so its like that for now.

I'm a visual and sensual person. I like lomo photography, art installations, craft, poetry. I visit museums & old places. I feel things, take it in and breathe it out in my own way. I like jazz for relaxation, classical sometimes & chillout for music coz they give me space to think a lot. Sometimes I think too much. Permanent radio station for here is Lush 99.5fm.

My imagination runs very wild. I don't watch anything remotely scary, unless I'm sure DH will be around 24/7, or at least at night. I can't handle things like showering alone after a scary movie. I can't be told things halfway coz I'd imagine the possibilities of the rest and settle on the worse case senario. I was notorious for mystery/supernatural essays in junior high. My teachers still talk about it. They tell me I have to stop when I get to high school so I did. But I still blame Agatha Christie.

I hate white flourescent lamps, bulbs, tubes. Neon ones too.

I like most colors as long as they fit the theme. My room is in black and white only. Somehow I dislike purple a lot and have no idea why.

I read magazines over lattes at cafes. American & Australian Vogue, Harp B (A&A), STYD (Aus), Cotton Friend, Cotton Time, Style (SG), Sometimes architecture magazines, Her World & Elle (SG) too.

I can't stay away from Blue Potato chips & ganache truffles. I like Prestat's handrolled ones. I also like really good mud cakes, krispy kreme, cupcakes & fresh brownies. I'm partial to milk chocos with nuts or fruits in it. I don't do much of dark and I hate white. No liquer chocs. I also like ice-cream from Haagen Daz's, Ben & Jerry's & Andersen's of Denmark. I have to finish the whole bag or tub when I open one. Its bad.

I love fresh raw salmon. I eat a ton of them when we visit the Fish Market in Sydney. Although I won't mind a fresh grilled on in olive oil or Japanese style, with skin and all. I adore a good Sashimi salad, a smoke salmon salad, greek salad with fresh goat's cheese, grilled chiken salad or a caesar's salad if I'm in a rush. I also like squid ink spaghetti with carbonara sauce.

I can cook. I love to use good chunk of beef skirt for a teriyaki & garlic pepper steak. I know its unconventional but its soft, totally juiced up & oh so yummy. I'm a medium rare fan. I paint the surface with thick teriyaki sauce then fry the outside on slightly lower-than-usual fry heat, then simmer it slightly with virgin olive, loads of fresh garlic mashed, fresh grined Tri-color peppercorns & chopped pasley. Try it. The flavor is a total explosion!
Of course I do other usual stir-fries, baked chicken in a myraid of flavors, Japanese dishes like onigiri, noodles & fried spam rice, recipe courtesy of my friend, TC. I bake as well, cakes, cookies, tarts, etc. The only thing I can't make is creme brulee & chocolate.

I'm allergic to tobacco & I can't drink much. Though, I'd love sips of Wolf Blass's Grey label red, or other slightly aged sauvignon. I seldom do whites, though I like dom perignon & vodka lime when I'm dragged out to clubs. Reason for why I don't club - tobacco. DH likes brandy & the grandad port. I much prefer green tea, wheatgrass & lemon or strawberry Pellegrino please.

My life is re-runs of Sex & The City, The Simpsons, House & a ton of other movies. I can't watch the programs here; they are Singlish loaded and wrecks my head. It was better in Sydney though I mostly grew up in American pronunciation. I read chick-lit now, had too much mystery & thrill in my earlier days. I do pick up things like Freakonomics & Affluenza by Oliver James.

I'm spoilt & hate generic wearables. I either try to get interesting designer pieces because they fit better & last or I make my own. I don't like T-shirts that say the designer name in big words on them. Though, I am forced to get basics from Bonds & Muji. I like quirky things & black shirts.

I'm allergic to mohair. I tried to put one on but after putting one arm into the sweater, I had to stop. My arm was red and horrid for a week after. I have to wear natural cottons, baby merino wool or cashmere. I don't do fur much. Its murder and its trouble coz they fall out. I want to shave my head because of the same reason.

I have to sleep on pure egyption cotton.

I choose bookshops & libraries over clothing stores for shopping. They are quieter, or at least people are forced to be quiet. New books and magazines get me excited. New clothes often smell funny. I do shop for my swaps at the usual cute places though. And I like Jason's Marketplace for groceries, Meidiya for Japanese ones & Liberty Market near my place for a quick in and out. Though, I can't visit the grocer's when I'm hungry. It gets disastrous.

I like vintage. I collect dresses from the past. I have 2 leather suitcases from Sydney's vintage shops filled with very old books and a very old leather hatbox from Glebe Markets which I had to fight someone for. I also have an American Tourister round hat case from a lady in the states which I absolutely adore. I like altered vintage jewellery and get them from talented etsyers. Naturally, I own bags and shoes from the past as well. I have a funny tendency to believe things were better in the past. I got over the funny smell from vintage things when I got a really pretty pink nightie from a store in Sydney some years back. It was my first vintage buy. I make it a point to visit markets & vintage stores in sydney when I get back there every year.

I miss my 29th floor apartment at Forum Tower in Sydney. DH still lives there, albeit at 11th. That apartment was the holy grail. We faced the north & the view was virtually unblocked for miles. We could see mountains and rainbows stopped in front of us. It was THE view, not a view. Reminiscing about having a drink on the balcony and soaking up the night skies really hurt.

I get upset when people tell me I'm cute. This translates as childish to me. Isn't it why I couldn't get the important jobs? They just won't believe I can do it if I look cute. But somehow it looks like there's no way in hell I can ever look sophisticated. Just doesn't happen.

I'm partial to french and japanese things coz IMO, they make the most effort at what they're doing, therefore yielding the best results. I learn from them as well.

I'm addicted to fabulous cottons and canvas fabrics from Japan and mangle linens from the west. I empty my pockets for them. Its insane.

Running around for my shop drives me nuts but I still love it. Somehow spending time on my shop really makes time run like hell. Its already April 07 but I don't feel it at all. I might need a marketing manager and secretary soon. Maybe a new studio and 2 seamstresses?

I dream of being an artist with solo shows in museums. I still want to own a massive white washed gallery in a prewar shophouse with a studio at the back. I'm partial to static and performance installations. Though, I won't mind Aleksandr Petrovsky's whole-floor thing in satc. Yum.

I'm also dying to do an installation with sound and touch as the theme.

Webpages I have to visit everynight. My shop, Flickr, Wikipedia, The Superficial, Google. Webpages I frequent. YouTube, Etsy, ebay, LOF, website, movie mistakes & a whole load of other crap.

**Edited 209589473298583 times because I have ADD and perfectionism.


Irit said...

That's quite a list, Florspace. :-)

I can actually empathize with a lot of what you said, especially concerning bookshops over clothing stores. I think that's the main reason I like London so much - the bookshops are enormous and they leave you alone to read whole books, if you like.

florspace said...

Irit, that would be my dream senario. LOL
I'm looking forward to the odd bookstore when I go to Sydney.

B.I.T.C.H. said...

Here is another error!

"If, I ever have a kid, the kid will the center of my universe."

Yes, I also have ADD and perfectionism! =P

florspace said...

hehe hey Bitch, thanks for letting me know. :+)

B.I.T.C.H. said...

=) I'm like you. Whenever I blog or write an email, or whatever it is I do, 'cept talking, I would be pouring over my work for mistakes. Something I had developed from school...Sigh!

Anyway you do know who I am though...I've convo you before on Etsy. =)

I said I'm local..and love sewing and love what you did. ;)

Anyway enjoy your hols! =D

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