Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Warring week...

Pictures from top clockwise - Lunch at Delifrance with mum after Malaysia cemetry visit, Marks and Spencer heavenly choco biscuits aka the reason I'm fat (that reason becomes Krispy Kreme when I'm in Sydney), Newspaper clip about Sydney saving the world from global warming (where the hell are you guys!?), Pellegrino - my one weakness (oh and blue potato chips!), Black Sheep Mini Zippered also featuring Blossomhill's Pink Elly coz I love them!

What a week! After the launch of the whole Private Reserve Collection, I've been busy busy busy! Definitely not complaining coz I really enjoyed making them! This time my dear mum chipped in quite a bit which is why I could manage to churn out that much! It was like a factory down here! We joked about being our own little sweatshop. Not that mum found it to be particularly funny coz she was doing it out of kindness. But in the end, she loved sewing them up! She's a really great dressmaker, does quite a few pieces of my clothes. I design them, she makes it possible! I'm a really bad picker so I appreciate her tolerance. :P I'm just real glad people love my creations! Oh yes, I have to tell you guys this, the price is a tad higher coz the fabrics were really really costly. DH said I should've raised it higher but I thought he was nuts! I mean rationally, I won't even pay as much myself, so I didn't. I'm still living on instant noodles, but I'm happy making stuff under the sweltering heat here. Whee! Sauna life! *eye roll*

Then Something Happened Tonight - Tim of Etsy Administrators convo-ed me and told me Sanrio things ain't allowed on Etsy! Boy was I crushed and a splitting headache on top of the incessant cough and throat problems hit me. I knew I had to remove a couple of my listings and move them to my website. But it also meant 4 hours, which was what I did just now. *wipes sweat* But I guess its all going to happen anyways. Though, I guess I'd better count myself lucky I actually got to list and sell quite a few Sanrio fabric-ed items at my etsy shop before. My arms are falling off as I type this and my back is calling for help. I might go sleep soon. Its like 4 am here and I've almost totally beaten my own record for staying up for work. I'd already spent hours today working on totes, purses and packing up my very very messed up work area! My mum was giving the ultimatum. :P

I feel like I've been through a war this week.

Hope you guys are having a better easter!

(My throat's not allowing chocolate eggs. I think I want to buy a stuffed bunny.)

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Jill said...

Happy Easter to you Lyn! (I LOVE the strawberry tote you just listed-if it's still around when I'm not paying off credit cards, I will pick it up)

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