Thursday, April 12, 2007

Zakka updates

This pic was taken yesterday at 7am when I was, yes, still awake....well, before I was knocked out of course. Sunrises are rare for me.

I don't even know why I'm still here. Its 4.30 am in Singapore and I'm thoroughly a nightbird now. I've broken my own record of staying up all night working at the comp, packing orders and answering people's messages. To think I used to sleep at 10pm. And the worse thing is time seems to slip away like running water. I'm barely breathing, working non-stop, pictures, sewing, mailing, buying supplies, running around, packing....And yeah, my suitcase's still lying around with a tiny heap of things inside.

Shouldn't I start packing already?
What the hell. I like blogging. So here goes.

This bag - courtesy of Melissa who entertained my neuroses when I told here I'm besotted with it. She did a swap with me. It was actually made for her for the Handmade bag swap on swapbot. Actually I can't cable knit worth a damn. I can only do straight knits and crochet which I do for fun, punctuating my sewing so I don't burn out and well, burn everything. Anyhoo...this bag is as lovely as expected. Its insane, but I slept with it beside me when I received it yesterday. The yarn isn't scratchy, its actually pretty sturdy yet soft cotton. I love this style very much as well coz I'm a huge fan of clutches. I still can't forget the one Carrie took to Mr. Big's place and discovered he was leaving New York. That one was great. And now I have a fabulous clutch too...good for loads of stuff. Thanks Melissa.

Obnoxiously adorable mugs I couldn't help picking up. Is that why I hate shopping? My money keeps flying. These are mine!

More additions to my deco tape collection. Loads of cram cream and stuff. They are actually for sale. Big ones are $5, medium rolls in the second pic at $2.20 and the small ones at $1. Email me.

This is my new dish. - "We missed the Chicken Dance" I like dishes of late. Funny thing is I don't have 2 matching ones.

Yummy candy for people who buy stuff.

Restock! Yummy Strawberry purses. They're furry but the fur doesn't come off unless you yank. Its ultra adorable... Duck egg blue popcorn pot picked up at a sale. Cute acrylic strawberries ready for charm making.
I think I'll hit the hay.


Denise said...

You're so lucky to live in Kawaii Heaven ^_^, you have inspiration all around, Love all of your goodies, specially those cute cups !

florspace said...

Thank so much! I am lucky but I really want to go to Japan. :P

Tanya said...

love all your goodies!

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