Friday, April 13, 2007

Plush for Pup & today...

I'm making Mini Zippereds for Plush For Pup's raffle! Those poor animals need our help. So PLEASE, go buy their raffle to win stuff! Raffle tickets are only $5 to and you could win baskets full of swell goodies!

How to make a lunchbox from cd spindle. Random surfing brings out the best in life! I can't believe we missed this idea entirely. I love bagel sandwiches. But wait, are we supposed to dig a hole thru the inside stuff as well? Oh well. I still love this idea anyways.

I finally get my lazy ass onto updating the zakka section on my website. Its annoying how procrastination can really get the better of me. Though, I've been working non-stop and time is still somehow flying. Hm, maybe I'm just tired.

Stuff I really want, after sneaking into some stores today. - Flip Flap, the big one with the white pot. I've been wanting this for a long time but never got around to buying it and I figured a plant can't be worth paying that much for? We'll see. I also need a black satin cocktail dress, like those from the 1950s. Good for weddings, operas and concerts. Yes, I watch operas and classical concerts ever since high school. I'm kinda sick of wearing black pants and floaty tops. No dress off the racks seem to please me. They are either too small, too frilly, too complicated, to lousy.......God, I'm picky. I'm just short of visiting bridal salons for fear of pestering me about bridal packages. Do people in the states/UK/rest of the world get this problem? DH used to enjoy the attention and teases me. I do so much eye rolls, its funny how my eyes still stick around. I kinda like this one, but worried about the material & workmanship as usual. Sigh.

I'm in the process of making a really really cool Bag starter set with the Rillakuma (San X's Relax Bear) fabric I scored. Its a really decadent set so keep your eyes peeled!

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