Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Finds: Woody

1) Mid-Century Wooden Shoe by theprettynest
2) Mid Century Teak Divided Wood Serving Bowl by shopworthy
3) Con-moto chair by joshuadavidgregory
4) Vintage bobbins by janeheller
5) Oak Spool Pincushion by Julsie1231
6) tiny alphabet rubber stamps by iamlily
7) Oak Leaf Cutting Board - Simple by prettydreamer
8) Mini Notebook w/ Wood Cover by gedutisdesign
9) Hardwood toy sewing machine by WoodClinic

ahhh woody goodness!I'm a lifetime fan of this great material! They look great, are recyclable, strong & functional and can be made into almost anything! These are but some of the wonderful woody things on etsy...

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