Monday, August 17, 2009

Need a hug monday

I need a hug. Looks like its gonna be a long week. A deadline is approaching. Have to send in an assignment for school this weekend and we had to sit around for 4 hours this evening but its still kinda half done. I'm beat and so are my mates but I'm pushing myself so much to finish the darn thing, I'm surprising myself! Then I thought back about some people saying that I'm a superman. Am I really one? I thought about it on the long way back home. Campus is on the other side of town which can be rather trying to commute to frequently. Well I do have a case of perfectionism, or rather being anal about having to finish something I start or I won't look at it anymore. Its kinda got a time limit, or shelf life, this attention span of mine. And this weird need to make a super long to-do list which I never get to finish and will feel awful at the end of the day. This includes updating the blog too!

Reviewing my typical day...I do multitask a lot apparently. Making breakfast, dealing with online admin, snapping pictures, uploading/editing them, packing can all happen at the same time. It might have something to do with ADD too. But hey, it gets a lot of things done! Plus after breakfast, I study, do assignment, laundry & cutting up stuff to make. Oh and I put in music/movie/TV re-run at the same time. By evening I'm beat from having to deal with everything plus the horrible tropical heat, I catch a quick shut-eye for 20mins before dinner comes home. Then its postal run, and back to make stuff, shower, talk to DH over the phone & more online admin(listing, emails, convos, blog, flickr, etc), more packing, research for DIY/eco concerns/fabric/cameras/whatever else before getting shut eye for the day. Suffice to say, I hardly get to sit around for a minute, except travelling or during uni lecture.

I think the measure of lethargy is how much one misses the bed. LOL

p/s: Helped a girl with seriously bandaged ankles up the entrace steps at campus today. The poor girl was walking so slowly and painfully yet so determined to continue school! She was so thankful and I felt better being of at least some help to her. But seriously, where the hell is the disabled access ramp at SIM!? Tsk tsk.

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Cindy said...

Hope you are feeling better Lyn :)

Other than study and work, do pamper yourself when you have got the chance. It will do you more good than harm.

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