Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sneak Peek - The Hobo Messenger

Ooooh! Finally! I REALLY had wanted so long to make a huggable hobo-esque messenger type with a flappy thingamajig. It was tough to actually word it out! LOL Its usually a straight U-hobo or a structured messenger, but being the comfort/control-freak that I am, I wanted BOTH in a bag, plus size, function, cuteness, thick straps, etc. etc. LOL Yeap, pushing boundaries is FUN! yaaaay!

After researching & pondering & prototyping for ever so long and looking at ever so many inspirations from clothes, environment, vintage-goodness, I finally came up with this (above!) in one afternoon, despite the heat & stress. Its funny but sometimes, the stress really does bring out the best in me. When the inspiration coaster comes, I throw everything aside and jump in, no second thoughts! Its really the final prototype hence the sneak peek release in the shoppe, at 20% off no less! Everyone around here is sighing in content to see how adorable & functional this new guy is! Mom thinks its way better than my previous prototypes, friend wants it as her new diaper bag, assistant wants one as a school/work bag. Mission (kinda) accomplished. :D

We're gonna fine-tune the design further - flap strength, the gusset size, & to include a pocket on the inside & outside as well for more stuff. They will be a possibility of making them REVERSIBLE! 2 in one baby! That means no wimpy, hassling snaps & stuff coz its suppose to be the easiest-to-use hobo around, not to mention its deep enough not to allow your stuff to fall out. Thanks so much to you guys who have been emailing us about the new Hobo Messenger! Here's the big news...

Official release of the New Hobo Messengers - September 2009. They will be at $62, similar to our usual totes & reversible panel hobos, which are on request-basis right now. Want to custom one? There's no extra charges for custom! ;+)

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Lost Mitten said...

I really like the new hobo messenger! It's awesome! :)

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