Friday, August 21, 2009

6 more Maxi Clutches a comin'!

We finished them earlier this week and will be releasing them in about 12 hours. ;+) We had quite a number of requests for more grown-up prints, since these clutches are more of a city/sexy/chic kinda design, so we thought, cutesy aside, we wanna be sexy too! :P

Loads of greens, pinks & blues in thick canvas prints, this makes for one hot, summery & kinda sexy collection, perfect for lunch with the girls by the pool in your maxi dresses.

(All except Strawberry Sorbet (top right) who managed to squeeze in despite protests. LOL)

We're still having our Anniversary SALE so do stop by to pick up pressies for you & your loved ones! Word is, we might not be hanging around during the Christmas shopping period this year since DH is doing PR/job/Phd prep crap & I might have to make a trip to Sydney *double groan*. You have been told! SHOP TODAY people! :D

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