Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maxi Clutches - comin' Monday!

Got quite a few emails asking about these new babies and We're revealing them now! Sorry about being so sneaky and all, it actually wasn't that way. We were really busy with restocking and sending out orders this week, we were swamped! By the way, another huge thanks to everyone who came, saw and bought stuff from florspace! :D

Our very classic, vintage-inspired maxi clutches are about 10.5" zippered top so your stuff are completely secure! 7.5" height in order to store all your goodies, and about 14" at the widest bottom! A magnetic snap keeps everything safe and pretty! No pockets inside coz well, its not ginormous and it looks cuter having to dig for stuff. Trust me. hehe Flap is double stitched on both layers, in & out, so its all greatly secure! We supported use of softer materials with canvas back and canvas for the inside so they maintain sturdier construction. They will retail at $42 at this time and only on etsy! ;+)

Do come back and check them out @the little shoppe on monday, hopefully they're still around! If not, a little patience for our restocks. ;+)

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