Thursday, August 20, 2009

a better thursday... indulge!

Did you notice food always makes us feel better? Not that its always a good thing though. I think its my low metabolic rate that allows me to gain 5 pounds after a square of chocolate. Its nuts I tell ya. I work like a horse, lose a bit of weight and it ALL comes back after I cave into a trip to haagen daz (Thanks CT! LOL). But hey, we only live once and I believe we should live it to the fullest! Seriously, being overweight is one of my least concerns as long as I can find clothes to fit me, or at least make some to! Even though its one of the lowest priority, I can still run really fast to chase a bus, or away from a robber/rapist/weirdo. So, judging someone's weight rather than ability is shallow. You heard it here first. I say that coz I know young, thin, pretty girls who cannot run to save her own life. So people, take care of your health, run, swim, play tennis, eat fruits. Bu don't forget the chocolates & ice-cream too. As CT says, small amounts in moderation cannot hurt us, instead will bring us joy! ;+)

So if you're feeling crummy that the week seems to last forever, indulge in a piece of chocolate, eat a sundae or buy a cute new dress. You will feel better! :D

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