Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Finds: White

I personally *heart* white a lot! Hence the selections for this Friday. :+) Its the most basic color as all the primary colors come together to make white. Its also the most beautiful in my humble opinion. I would love to wear white all the time if not for the fact that I'm such a klutz - spill accidents & black patches on my tush isn't uncommon. My room is painted in white, with specks of black furnishings.

Couple of my favourite things from the amazing etsy!

1) hollow book pistol safe by pommesfrites
I SO need one of these. Its been one of my fantasies to keep cash and other treasures hidden away in a non-descript book on the shelf. Hello old-world!

2) Sexy Boyfriend Sheer Buttonup Top by lamixx
Something perfect to lounge around in on those hot days, with a big bowl of sorbet and a fluffy cat. :D

3) Spiderling Cloud (02) / 8 x 10 print by cloudery
Now this piece of art, is fine! I have a soft sopt for letterpress because of the texture. Plus, you get to do some charity grabbing this beauty.

4) Cathrine Holm blue lotus frying pan by beggarsandchoosers
Ahhh, good old Cathrine Holm. How long have I been a fan of thee!

5) Vintage Milk Glass Creamer and Sugar Set by jwhite2
Recently I'm hooked on smooth-down-the-throat Milk Glass. Understatedly beautiful and varied in texture, this speaks volumes without the loudness of bold colors.

6) Vintage Samsonite Silhouette Ivory 2 Piece Luggage Set by VintageEyeFashion
Luggages never misses my eye! I'm an avid fan and this set is one of the most beautiful I've set eyes on! SO perfect for that trip down memory lane...

7) spell supercalifragilistiexpialidocious by twoangelsinparis
These are game tiles but I'm attracted to the simplicity and possibilities of these amazing tiles! Fix a magnet behind and its a fridge magnet! They are like old wood letter blocks.

8) White Vintage Rotary Phone by FishboneDeco
Did you call your mom today? Old-timey phones have such a great ring to it! Plus the rotary device is so much fun to dial!

9) 1960's Mod Royal Signet Typewriter by OldWorldOrder
I've always wanted one! My mom used to type on this old robin's egg blue typewriter when I was a kid and it reminds me so much of the afternoons I watched her hitting away at the keys. When I got to try it, I was so amused and entertained by having to hit the keys to make words! Its time to return back to old school again! yaaay!

florspace is still having our 3rd Anniversary SALE so do hop on by for some great bargains! Shop for Christmas, its not too early! :D

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Kristen said...

love these finds! you have a great eye. love your blog too :) thanks for included the pistol safe!!


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