Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wanroom on my shelf

I had to squeal when I found Wanroom in the usual bunch of gashapon machines! Immediately I set about like a maniac locating dollar coins to feed into the machine! LOL They're tiny, adorable & comes with tiny carton boxes in the plastic sphere too! Now they sit on my shelf right above my table to add to the cuteness. I believe they make me a little happier.

Try putting bits of things you like on your work station that you frequent! :D


Lost Mitten said...

I'm in love with Wanroom! I'm the same way...there are sometimes Wanroom toys in this local mall called Pacific Mall (in Toronto, one of North America's largest indoor Asian shopping malls) and I just keep putting money into those machines. Yours are SO CUTE! I have a little red couch one. I also have a plushie Wanroom set as well :) They bring instant happiness!!

Tangerine Taiyaki said...

Aww, so cute! I love Wanroom.
The cactus and teapot are just way too adorable

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