Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Finds: Ultramarine

1) small blue thing - original miniature painting by Mossmottle
2) Ultramarine Cell Phone Charm by KlaatuCollection
3) Silk Crepe Ultramarine Rich Blue by artinsilk
4) wee bowl -- ultramarine blue by panopoly
5) deep blue enamel butterfly brooch by SarahMin
6) Yarn Topped Knitting Needles - Blue by sailonbaby
7) Polar Bear in Blue - Fine Art Photograph by lilacpopphotography
8) GLASS drop beads by Sunyno
9) The Bittwersweet tale of Fisherman and Mermaiden - Pocket Art Mirror by meluseena

Just a couple of amazing ultramarines available on etsy!

A fiercely intense color, ultramarine is the most vibrant of deep deep blues. I'd watched a documentary a while back on dyes in India and they did a little feature on one of the most beautiful ultramarine blue I've ever seen! It was in powder form, so intense, it just burns into my eye sockets yet completely natural, from a rock I believe, that they had to painstakingly extract. Often overlooked, this color can actually provide a burst of energy in a calming manner, which means solving problems in a smooth, calm & collected manner. ;+)

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